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4 Major Certifications That Define Greenlam Sturdo’s Restroom Solutions

  • October 25, 2022
  • . 6 Min Read

When it comes to buying restroom solutions such as urinal partitions, bathroom cubicles, and bathroom wall panels, it is important to choose a brand that not just boasts superior quality products but is also backed by relevant quality certifications. Greenlam Sturdo offers restroom solutions that are backed by various domestic and international certifications, which is testimony to our quality management practices and standards. Here’s a list of some major certifications conferred on Greenlam Sturdo products. 1- Antibacterial Certification Public restrooms are prone to the growth of disease-causing germs and bacteria that get transmitted through restroom surfaces such as bathroom cubicles and bathroom…

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5 Ways to Improve School Toilets

  • October 17, 2022
  • . 6 Min Read

Excellent school toilet design is the first step towards creating user-friendly, beautiful, safe, and hygienic school toilet facilities. After installing the best school toilet cubicles or kids toilet cubicles and other elements, a lot of efforts still needs to be directed towards maintenance, inculcating hygienic practices in the students, and supervision, among others. In this blog, we focus on the different ways to improve school toilets. Let’s dig in. Educate students about hygiene It is important to educate and remind students about good bathroom hygiene and etiquette. Such education can be an integral part of the induction process and also…

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