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Kids Collection

Why inhibit your school’s nursery or primary wing with unimaginative restrooms? Add a dash of color and liveliness to them with our trendy collection of kids restroom cubicles.

These kids cubicles come in ingenious designs synonymous with childhood in vibrant laminate colors. The overall vibrancy of these cubicles lend a sense of warmth and informality to the restrooms.

The laminates used in these cubicles for kids restrooms have high life expectancy and are exclusively designed for tough conditions and high-traffic environments of children schools i.e. nursery schools, play schools or kindergarten schools.

These laminates are waterproof, tamper proof and anti-peeling and come with anti-finger trap hinges etc. The combination of these features makes these cubicles ideal for kids’ washrooms, toilets and restrooms.

We also understand that children may need supervision while using the restrooms at this age. Keeping that in mind, the height of these cubicles is such that they provide privacy while allowing convenient adult supervision at the same time.

So stop pondering! Time to make the kids restrooms in your school more fascinating with Greenlam Sturdo’s ‘Kids Collection’ of restroom cubicles.