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Nothing compares to a soothing bath

We keep it well veiled

Greenlam Sturdo’s robust Shower Vision Barriers have the uniqueness of giving you both privacy and pampering. Strong and minimal in design, the wall touch dividers are both hygienic and aesthetically appealing. With adjustable legs, in built hooks within the partitions, the look is slick and more importantly vandalism resistant.  


Minimal wall touch Divider for better hygiene and aesthetics. 

Inbuilt hook design within the Compact Shower partitions. 

Can be installed in less space. 


Higher Ground Clearance with adjustable legs. 

Improved Traditional Top rail with Screw less fittings for seamless looks 

Types of Shower Vision Barrier

Loop In

12mm thick compact with minimal wall touch divider of size 730mm(D) x 1830(H) with ground clearance of 150mm mounted on sleek foot, fixed with bracket, hence higher hygiene quotient. With In-built hook design feature within dividers for improved utility. 

Loop Out

12mm thick compact divider with straight edge of size 730mm(D) x 1830(H) with ground clearance of 150mm mounted on sleek foot, fixed with U profiles of size 18mmx16mm. 

Hardware Details

Designer Accessories.

Aligning SS grade 316 common Top Rail 25.4mm diameter round pipe fixed with wall connector made of 316 grade stainless steel in brushed finish.  

SS grade 316/Nylon divider mounted sleek leg with ground clearance (120-150mm). 

Double Coat hook made in SS 316 in SS brushed finish with fine spark texture on Nylon parts. 


Color Offerings

Love experimenting with colors? Here are our color offerings! You have the creative liberty to choose the shades you would like in your Shower Vision Barrier.


  • 111 SUD
    Designer White

  • 113 SUD
    Frosty White

  • 116 SUD
    Pearly white

  • 121 SUD

  • 124 SUD
    Mysore Ivory

  • 133 SUD
    Moon Stone

  • 134 SUD
    Mud Ash 

  • 138 SUD

  • 141 SUD

  • 149 SUD


Further Queries

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