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Extravagant. Affluent. Luxurious.

That’s How Private Spaces Are Meant To Be

The Fuse-In Luxury Washroom Cubicles are a marvelous fusion of aesthetics, simplicity and an absolute respect for the need for privacy. The range is minimalist in design, with crisp, sharp cuts and a newly introduced double Setback bent foot that gives this luxury range a stylish and “float in the air” appearance. The elegance of the Fuse In range is further amplified with the suave dual coloured hand in glove hardware, seamless doors with a laminated top rail that matches the door and gives a crisp, one-look finish. The sleek, dual finish foot on the dividers add that extra panache to the cubicle, while ensuring that your client’s need for space is never compromised.

These less-is more luxury range of cubicles are engineered with a host of design features in mind. The fittings are dual colour coded – be it the coat hooks or the laminated top rail – seamless and stylish is the word!.

Soft closing slide bolts, vandalism resistant fittings, flexible legs for great ground clearance, high quality panel divider extrusions with flush screw camouflage, adds the extra oomph by giving a “no-screw” appearance to each engineered space. The 600 mm wide doors are clad with a 12mm laminate and anti-noise rubber padding as well as Gravity hinges in grade 316 Stainless steel to ensure that “me time” stays truly that!


Minimalistic seamless Exteriors complementing the Space.

Dual Color Stylish Fittings for class user experience.

Sleeker Dual Finish foot option on Divider panel with zero front visibility.

The only Model with Charcoal Black Fitting Profiles.



Double Setback bent foot for Stylish and Floating looks.

Wide range of variable ground clearance up to 150mm.

Premium Divider Fixing Extrusions with Flush Screw covers giving it a no screw looks.

Introducing door matching Laminated Top rail for Seamless Exteriors.

Standard Cubicle Specifications – 1000(W) x 1500(D)


12mm thick, 1500 wide compact divider panels fitted within Premium Quality Anodized Fixing, camouflaged with screw covers for a no screw look.

Mid & End Panels

400 mm(Mid)/200 mm(End) wide panels made of 12 mm compact laminates, mounted on dual finish sleek foot.


600 mm wide doors made with 12 mm compact laminates, smart dual finish indicators and slide bolts.

Hardware Details

Top Rail

Top rail with end cap is a Box shaped Extrusion made of aluminium alloy grade 6063-T6 in charcoal color Anodized matte finish.

Available Sectional dimension is 48mmX35mm .

Fixing Channels/ Profiles

Divider-Wall Junction and Divider-Mid Panel Junction (U Profile) and Corner Junctions (F Profile) along with Snap fit screw covers are made from aluminium alloy grade 6063-T6 , Anodized in Charcoal black color in matte finish.

Available Sectional dimension is 60mmX27mm and 35mm x 27 mm respectively.

Designer Accessories

Zinc Die Casted Divider Mounted Single sleek foot with Ground Clearance (100-150mm) in dual color finish of Charcoal black and Antique gold color.

Zinc Die Casted Mid Panel Mounted double setback foot with Ground Clearance (120-150mm) in dual color finish of Charcoal black and Antique gold color with minimal frontal visibility.

Front Fixed Indicator on Door along with Soft Closing Slide bolt on the reverse side, with components in Anodized Metallic Antique Gold Finish over Zinc die casting, Charcoal black with fine spark texture over nylon parts.

Coat hook in Anodized Antique Gold Finish on Zinc Die casted body and fine spark texture on PVC parts fixed with SS Screws.

Supporting Hardware

Spring loaded Hinges made from Stainless steel grade 316 with Charcoal black powder coated, beautified with Antique gold lacquered hinge covers

Noise deafening tape of 2 mm thickness and 10 mm in width.

All Screws used are stainless steel grade 316.


Wondering what your restroom cubicle model will look like? Try our visualizer and see it right before your eyes!



Color Offerings

Love experimenting with colors? Here are our color offerings! You have the creative liberty to choose the shades you would like in your Fuse In.


  • 111 SUD
    Designer White

  • 113 SUD
    Frosty White

  • 116 SUD
    Pearly white

  • 121 SUD

  • 124 SUD
    Mysore Ivory

  • 133 SUD
    Moon Stone

  • 134 SUD
    Mud Ash 

  • 138 SUD

  • 141 SUD

  • 149 SUD



We also offer a unique range of specially abled restroom cubicles, which provide stability and extra assistance to the specially-abled.

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