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Elegant. Durable. Water-resistant.

We redefine restroom cubicles with exceptional style and functionality.

The Greenlam Sturdo Restroom Cubicles come with stylish and practical backwall panelling solutions from its Altura range, that make the cubicle water resistant, durable, and aesthetically appealing.  

The Backwall panelling solutions are made of HPL Compact, that do not allow water to corrode the walls or the core rest room structure. Scientifically designed, these panels can be installed on the back wall up to the ledge or all along the height of the divider, on the both sides of brick walls and even on back walls of urinals. These panels do the dual task of giving an aesthetic appeal, while protecting the cubicles from plumbing line leakages or any sort of water damage.  


Wall cladding system for wet and dry restroom areas. 

Easy to Install and maintain. 

Easy to access the wall, whenever required for servicing. 

Designed with minimal intermediate joints for seamless look. 

Available in wide range of designs and colours. 

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About Backwall Paneling

It is a wall protection system in which various Aluminium profiles form a strong frame that can hold 9 mm thick compact panel with the help of interlocking mechanism for better grip. The total panel thickness of 16 mm is installed with the help of Aluminium grade 6063 -T6 profiles and are designed in such a way that they are not visible from the front but only from the top, bottom and corners. 

Where can they be installed?

Backwall panels can be used in restroom cubicles in the following manners or in different combination of all the following options: 

  • Covering only the ledge wall part of the restroom back wall
  • Covering the restroom back wall up to the height of the divider 
  • Covering the back wall at the back of Urinals.


Color Offerings

Love experimenting with colors? Here are our color offerings! You have the creative liberty to choose the shades you would like in your Backwall Paneling.


  • 111 SUD
    Designer White

  • 113 SUD
    Frosty White

  • 116 SUD
    Pearly white

  • 121 SUD

  • 124 SUD
    Mysore Ivory

  • 133 SUD
    Moon Stone

  • 134 SUD
    Mud Ash 

  • 138 SUD

  • 141 SUD

  • 149 SUD


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