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Privacy is not just a concept

We make it a way of life

Altura’s range of Urinal Dividers have redefined the concept of privacy. Aesthetically curated, these first of a kind dual design integrated urinal panels are smart, minimalistic and blend into the interiors of any restroom.  

Smart and sturdy the range comes in different sizes and are easy to instal, maintain and give a sleek look to the aesthetics of the restrooms. With 15 interesting shapes and designs, in sturdy 12 mm thick compacts, this range is a definite must have when it comes to edgy restroom interiors!  


Available in 15 Innovative and Interesting Shapes and designs in 12mm thick Compacts. 

First in the industry to Introduce Dual Design Integrated Urinal Panels matching with the Restroom Theme. 

Minimalistic and Smart Designs for giving spacious look to the Restrooms. 

Sleek and smart fittings to complement with the Thematic Restrooms Interiors. 

Available with Three options of 350mm, 400mm and 450mm Depth with various height options. 

Types of Urinal Privacy Dividers

Dual Design Privacy Dividers

12mm thick compact laminate size 450mm(D) x 1190mm(H), joined by using H profile, Aluminium grade 6063-T6 in natural Anodised finish. Fixed on wall with the help of SS grade 316 brackets.



Minimal Touch Privacy Dividers

12mm thick compact laminate size 450mm(D) x 1190mm(H), designed with slot for minimal wall touch for better hygiene. Fixed on wall with the help of SS grade 316  brackets. 


Single Design Privacy Dividers

12mm thick compact platform of size 350mm(D) x 900mm(H), 400mm(D) x 900mm(H) and 450mm(D) x 1190mm(H). Fixed on wall with the help of SS grade 316 brackets. 


Product Details 

Area – Restrooms 

Material – Anti-bacterial high-pressure laminate 

Material Thickness – 12mm thick HPL

Color – Customized as per Greenlam Sturdo Range 

Material Finish – Suede 

Easy installation 

Stainless Steel hardware fittings  


Color Offerings

Love experimenting with colors? Here are our color offerings! You have the creative liberty to choose the shades you would like in your Urinal Privacy Dividers.


  • 111 SUD
    Designer White

  • 113 SUD
    Frosty White

  • 116 SUD
    Pearly white

  • 121 SUD

  • 124 SUD
    Mysore Ivory

  • 133 SUD
    Moon Stone

  • 134 SUD
    Mud Ash 

  • 137 SUD

  • 138 SUD

  • 141 SUD


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