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Why You Must Consider High-Pressure Laminate For Your Toilet Cubicles

  • April 20, 2023
  • 6 Min Read

High-pressure laminate, HPL, made with a resin and paper-based thermosetting composite material, is a unique, modern, and highly durable decorative surface material with special performance properties, such as chemical, heat, stain, and wear resistance. Due to its high strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness, HPL is considered to be the best choice for toilet cubicles in public spaces, such as gyms, schools, and hospitals. If you are looking for a robust and cost-effective material for your upcoming public toilet construction project, this article is for you. Read on, as we discuss some of the advantages of HPL panels used to manufacture toilet cubicles.


High-pressure laminates are chemical, scratch, impact, and fire-resistant. They can withstand impacts caused by blunt objects without experiencing any damage, and are resistant to daily wear and tear caused by frequent usage or rough handling of the facility. That is one of the reasons why HPL sheets are widely used for public toilet partitions.

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Unkempt public toilets can be a breeding ground for various harmful microbes, which can reside on toilet walls for months. Another reason, owners and developers are opting for HPL toilet cubicles. The anti-microbial agents on high-pressure laminate and a non-porous surface make them an ideal choice for public toilets, as they discourage microbial growth. In addition, the smooth surface of HPL panels doesn’t allow dust to deposit, keeping toilet cubicles clean for a long time.


Water damage is a common sight in conventional public toilets, which is why experts recommend HPL sheets for public toilet cubicles to leverage their water resistance property. Due to their water-resistant properties, HPL toilet panels do not bend or warp when they come in contact with water or moisture, making them endure for a very long time in tip-top condition.

Variety of Options

HPL sheets are popular for their vivid designs and textures. The market is swamped with a wide variety of laminates available in different textures, sizes, and colours suiting every decor theme and style. Some of the popular design and colour options available when you buy HPL sheets from leading manufacturers like Greenlam Sturdo include solids, abstracts, and impressive wood laminates ingrained with striking features of natural wood. Whether you are looking for a vibrant or elegant restroom design, you are sure to find HPL panels that meet your needs.

About Greenlam Sturdo

Greenlam Sturdo gives you access to a wide range of premium quality decorative HPL sheet options for your upcoming toilet construction project. If you are looking for durable toilet cubicles for schools, hospitals, or commercial spaces, HPL makes a great surface material choice. Browse through our catalogue to choose a design that suits your requirements. If you need any help with choosing a laminate design for your project or want to learn more about the benefits of installing HPL toilet cubicles. Call +91 11 4279 1399 or +91 11 4950 1499. You can also email us at

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