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Wet or Dry Restroom Systems: Which Option is Better?

  • March 27, 2019
  • 6 Min Read

When designing or renovating a commercial restroom, one of the first steps is selecting the type of restroom system to be used. A restroom system defines the basic design and materials used in constructing a commercial restroom. Broadly classifying, there are two types of commercial restroom systems: wet and dry, that greatly differ in terms of features, space, maintenance, and price. To help you choose the right restroom system for you commercial restroom, in this blog, we cover the basics of wet and dry restroom systems. Read on.

Wet Restroom Systems

Comprising brick walls and tiles, along with the needed hardware, such as hinges and handles, wet restroom systems are the conventional option to design a commercial restroom. A wet restroom system . In addition to the added time and effort needed to install toilet cubicles in wet restroom systems, another issue with them is that there is no gap in between the partitions and ground. With no gap, the bathroom partition walls are exposed to water, which may produce a foul smell.

Dry Restroom Systems

A dry restroom system comprises modern toilet cubicles that are manufactured using high-quality laminates and hardware components, such as handles, locks, and hinges. In dry restroom systems, toilet partitions and bathroom floor have a gap between them, eliminating the possibility of any damage or foul smell caused by exposure to water. In addition, dry restroom systems also utilize commercial restroom space as the partitions installed in such systems are 12-188mm in thickness, whereas brick walls are usually about 150mm thick.


Wet Restroom SystemsDry Restroom Systems
Difficult to install, clean, and maintainReplacing tiles is messy, time-consuming, and inconvenientDirt, dust, and water can accumulate, leading to unhygienic commercial restrooms and increased maintenanceAesthetically unappealingOnly paint finish on brick walls are availableEasy to install, clean, and maintainReplacing or repairing laminates is easy and time-efficientDust, dirt, and water cannot accumulate, therefore eliminating the possibility of an unhygienic restroomAesthetically appealingLaminates, veneers, and paint finishes are available on the market in different colors, textures, and species.

Looking for Premium Toilet Cubicles in India?

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