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Tips To Furnish Your Gym’s Bathroom

  • March 16, 2022
  • 6 Min Read

The success of any gym lies in the quality of its services, facilities, equipment, and infrastructure. An essential but sometimes overlooked aspect of a gym is its washrooms, cubicles, and toilets. There is a tremendous need for clean, good-quality fixtures in gym bathrooms and changing rooms due to high footfall, frequent usage, and health risks. Sturdo from Greenlam offers an exclusive range of high quality bathroom cubicles, partitions, and more that are aesthetically pleasing, sturdy, and cost-effective. Here are five ways you can design an appealing and space-conscious bathroom for your gym.

Choose Anti-Bacterial Grade Products

Cut maintenance and promote good health and wellbeing in your gym bathrooms by opting for antibacterial grade products. Gym changing rooms and restrooms experience a high footfall on a regular basis from people who are sweating. Body fluids have a high level of germs, which is why bathroom partitions and fixtures must be made of antibacterial grade materials. Regular exposure to bacteria and moisture can wear off fixtures faster if they aren’t designed with anti-bacterial materials. Greenlam Sturdo has an exciting range of bathroom cubicles that boast antibacterial properties.

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Opt For High-Pressure Quality Laminates

Changing rooms and bathroom divider walls in gyms are exposed to water and humidity on a regular basis. This is the reason why bathroom cubicles and partitions made from HPL are your best bet as they are able to withstand exposure to high levels of moisture, abrasion, and high temperatures. Additionally, bathroom cubicle fixtures too can suffer from water damage and rust prematurely. Sturdo offers bathroom cubicles, partitions that come with aluminum and stainless steel hardware to ward off water and moisture damage as well as wear and tear from regular use.

Choose Standardized Products

Buy bathroom cubicles from a reputable manufacturer who follows the highest industry standards and manufacturing practices. Standardized bathroom and toilet solutions from manufacturers such as the Sturdo brand allow you for easy installation and changing a particular portion in the future without having to uproot the entire line of cubicles. This makes replacements and repairs a cost-effective exercise.

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Choose Dark Colours

Gym changing rooms and bathrooms experience high usage rates and issues such as stains, cigarette stubs, and scratches are quite common. A great way to camouflage such issues and preserve the aesthetics of the spaces is by opting for dark coloured high-quality laminates. Along with choosing a high wear and abrasion resistant material, darker colours provide an additional level of cover.

About Greenlam Sturdo

Greenlam Sturdo offers an exceptional rest room space and locker solution range. We have received recognition with the prestigious GREENGUARD certification for producing eco-friendly and sustainable products. We offer everything from exclusive bathroom cubicles, partitions and urinal partitions, to locker solutions and a whole range of accessories. Your search for top-quality products for your gym ‘s bathroom ends at Greenlam Sturdo. Greenlam Sturdo also offers customized solutions in attractive designs, a whole range of colors, and pocket-friendly prices. Call +91-11-4279-1399 or write to us at to discuss your requirements. You can also fill out our contact form.

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