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Tips to Create the Best User Experiences in Your Public Restrooms

  • September 18, 2020
  • 6 Min Read

Good toilet design is important to make sure that users are neither overcrowded nor uncomfortable. Hygiene and aesthetics are also of paramount importance when it comes to public restrooms. The best public restroom is one that is well ventilated, easy to maintain, carefully planned out, easy to maintain, friendly to the differently-abled, and clean and dry. Whether you want the best public restrooms for a shopping center, night club, theatre, tourist site, cinema, conference hall, food center, offices, public swimming pool, petrol station, or school, Greenlam Sturdo has got you covered. In this blog, we share some tips to create the best user experiences in your public restrooms.

Install a Proper Lighting System

A properly designed lighting system not only improves the appearance of the toilet but also saves you on electricity bills. The best lighting must not produce dark and shadowy, off-coloured areas that give the impression of a dirty toilet. You can also take advantage of natural lighting but should avoid creating harsh lighting as it usually leads to the highlighting of hard-to-clean areas while creating a cold and unwelcoming environment. Be careful when choosing and placing fixtures and lamps.

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Get the Stall Design Right

When it comes to stall design, make sure that your public restroom stalls are easy to install and made from materials that can withstand high traffic, damp conditions, and the build-up of bacteria. They must provide the necessary privacy and be easy to install and maintain. Greenlam Sturdo gives you access to a range of public restroom stall designs to meet every need. They come prefabricated for easy installation and also feature anti-bacterial qualities.

Consider Aspects such as Soap Dispensers

Your choice of soap dispensers, whether liquid soap or foam soap, has a direct impact on the level of water usage in public restrooms. The former uses up more water than the latter. The number of available soap dispensers also has an impact on the overall user experience. It is recommended to have a minimum of one soap dispenser for every two washbasins for the best user experience. It is also recommended to have at least one hand dryer or paper towel dispenser for every two washbasins.


You should also make sure that any automatic air fresheners that are installed must face upwards and away from the users. Greenlam Sturdo can help you premium public restroom facilities without leaving a hole in your finances. Call +91 11 4279 1399 or +91 11-4950 1499 to discuss your requirement or get more information about available public restroom stall designs. You can also email us at

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