A Simple Guide to Hygienic School Restrooms

School toilet cubicles in India from Greenlam Sturdo

Adequate sanitation and toilets are among the most important facilities that schools must provide to students and staff. When it comes to choosing school toilet cabins, there are many important factors to consider. Along with being colourful, lively, and welcoming, it is essential that school restrooms are easy to maintain, hygienic, and safe. Greenlam Sturdo offers plenty of school toilet cubicle design choices that promote a welcoming, comfortable, safe, clean, and healthy environment. Here is a simple guide to maintain hygienic school restrooms.  

Install Antibacterial & Antiviral Toilet Cubicles

In a time when the whole world is battling the novel coronavirus pandemic, it is important to make sure that school bathrooms are capable of preventing any growth or spread of bacteria and viruses. Greenlam offers school toilet cubicles that come with antimicrobial properties which kill any disease-causing pathogens that come in contact with the surface. This goes a long way in keeping kids safe and protected.   

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Provide Adequate Facilities 

It is important that there are adequate facilities for both female and male students in school restrooms. This helps ensure hygiene and sufficient privacy. There should also be dedicated toilet cubicles properly equipped for students and staff with special needs. Facilities such as hot water, toilet tissue dispensers, soap and hand-drying facilities should be located at a convenient height. Urinal partitions must also be installed to promote privacy and provide for user comfort.

Ensure Effective Supervision

School restrooms need proper supervision while maintaining complete privacy of the users. If they are unsupervised or too private, they can easily become hotspots for unacceptable behaviour and bullying. The hand washing areas can be the focus of supervision while leaving the cubicle area private.   

Follow a Regular Cleaning Regime

A regular cleaning regime is an integral part of maintaining a hygienic school restroom. A dirty washroom is not only a health hazard for students but also discourages them from using the facilities.  The school toilet design should promote easy cleaning and maintenance. For this reason, modern dry restroom systems are a great choice for school restrooms. Regular audits should be conducted to assess the cleaning arrangements.

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Have Adequate Lighting and Ventilation

Proper ventilation for public restrooms is a must. It prevents any mildew from growing and also removes bad odors. There should be proper windows and bathroom vent fans to pull the moisture laden air out of the restrooms. In addition, adequate lighting is also important for the restroom to create a cozy, welcoming, and safe environment.

Wrap Up

Maintaining hygienic, functional, and safe school restrooms comes easy when you choose high quality school toilet cubicles that are long lasting and can bear the heavy use. Greenlam Sturdo offers a wide range of school toilet cubicle designs that are available in vibrant colors and interesting designs that help create a welcoming environment for school restrooms. To learn more about our vast range of public restroom solutions, call us today at +91-11-4279-1399 or write to us at info@greenlam.com.