Restroom Requirements for Commercial Establishments

Toilet Cubicles for Commercial Establishments in India

Are you in charge of running a commercial facility? If your answer is a ‘yes’, it goes without saying that you would need to adhere to legal commercial facility requirements and provide a pleasant experience to employees and guests. Following the stipulated sanitation and safety requirements not only saves you from legal trouble, it also goes a long way in deciding the reputation of your establishment. Continuing on the subject, in this blog post, we take a closer look at the restroom requirements for commercial establishments. Read on.

Commercial Restroom Requirements

The first step to creating a restroom that complies with regulations and standards is creating a building plan that takes this into account. Before you create a design layout, you first need to figure out how many toilets you should have, what the sanitation standards are, what is the expected number of users, and other similar factors. Let’s address one concern at a time.

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How Many Toilet Cubicles Should You Have?

Guidelines dictate a different number of required public toilets, depending on the expected number of users. If the number is less than 15, a single toilet cubicle per gender bathroom will suffice. If the number goes over 35, you’ll have to have at least three toilet cubicles per gender.

Overall, multiple toilet cubicles are preferred over single-occupant restrooms. This is mainly due to the fact that single restroom facilities reduce access to restroom facilities, especially during heavy traffic. Additionally, single-occupant restrooms seem to result in lower user satisfaction.

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Are Your Restrooms Inclusive?

If you want your restroom to comply with all regulations, being inclusive is a must. For specially abled users, a lack of appropriate facilities can be a matter of concern. It is therefore advisable to have at least one stall for the specially abled and seniors.

Are You Promoting Hygiene?

When it comes to commercial restrooms, you need to ensure that your facilities are clean and that you are providing the necessary tools to maintain hygiene. This means having at least one designated space for handwashing and storage space for cleaning equipment.

In addition, when several people use the same bathroom facilities, diseases can be spread easily. For this reason, it is vital that you strictly follow sanitation regulations.

The Last Word

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