A Look at Public Toilet Design Post – COVID-19

Bathroom Cubicles in India from Greenlam Sturdo

In light of the devastating impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the world, there is a need to relook public hygiene and sanitation. When it comes to public restrooms, ignoring the hygiene issues can create an ideal breeding ground for disease-causing pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. While there are established guidelines for the construction of public restrooms, most people just bother with the mandatory parts. Public restroom solution manufacturers like Sturdo from the house of Greenlam go the whole gamut and even constantly innovate to provide unmatched designs for elements such as bathroom cubicles and toilet cubicles. Every organization needs to rethink the various design aspects and the importance of proper maintenance for public restrooms.

Role of the Architect

The involvement of an architect in the construction of a public toilet is critical. A skilled architect can spearhead the design and get actively involved in making various decisions such as selecting the appropriate location, choice of materials, suitable methods for sewage treatment and disposal, practical layout, and streamlined movement of users. An architect can achieve all of this while giving the public restroom an aesthetic touch. Modular public restroom solutions from Sturdo make the whole process easier by taking care of a large portion of the design aspect.

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Choice of Materials

Considering the heavy traffic received by public toilets, it is critical to choose materials that are durable and easy to clean. Bathroom cubicles made from materials such as compact laminates are durable and easy to maintain. Public restroom accessories from Sturdo are made with compact grade laminate that also comes with antiviral and antibacterial properties that help prevent the spread of disease-causing pathogens


Once a public toilet is constructed, it requires proper maintenance to retain the level of hygiene required to promote good hygiene. One of the major reasons behind the poor maintenance of public toilets in India is a paucity of funds. After construction, funds must be made available for regular maintenance of public toilets. Toilet cubicles made from compact laminates require minimal maintenance but no design or planning can solve the hygiene problems without proper maintenance.

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Design Approach

In terms of the design approach, fundamental elements that are lacking in public restroom systems need to be addressed. Factors such as natural ventilation, heavy use of toilets during peak hours, and maintenance requirements need to be taken into account when designing modern public toilets and buying the necessary accessories to fight against the growth and spread of disease-causing pathogens.

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