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Improve Your School’s Facilities With Kids-Friendly Toilet Cubicles

  • April 17, 2020
  • 6 Min Read

Schools should provide an appealing, hygienic and welcoming environment to improve students social and academic experience. To do this, nurturing spaces should be designed while keeping children’s needs and preferences in mind. While this is often accomplished within the classroom, many schools forget to extend their efforts to other facilities. One of the areas that get overlooked the most is the bathroom. Installing tailored kids toilet cubicles for your school is a great way to promote student comfort and health.

Features of Kid-Friendly Toilet Cubicles

Promote Hygiene

Poor quality and unkempt bathrooms present an ideal place for bacteria to thrive. The microorganisms that grow in a bathroom can easily cause students to fall sick and even migrate to other areas of the school. This is why you need to select toilet partitions designed with hygiene in mind. Greenlam Surdo’s kids toilet partitions are not only beautiful but come with anti-bacterial properties. They are highly resistant to germs and harsh cleaning agents. By preventing bacterial growth on commonly contaminated surfaces, keeping the bathrooms clean and students safe becomes incredibly easier. The focus on hygiene paired with low-maintenance creates a perfect combination for educational facilities.

Unmatched Visual Appeal

While functionality is key, the aesthetic factor can never be overlooked. Installing customized facilities is the best way to create an environment in which kids are comfortable. Greenlam Sturdo opens your world to different unique designs created with kids in mind. You can choose from designs such as Kiddie WorldCrazy BallsPicket Fence, or our famous Designer Collection. These design options are complemented by a huge selection of compact laminate decors from which to choose.

Enduring Quality

When it comes to the bathroom, you need to prioritize materials that can perform well under harsh conditions. This is especially true when it comes to toilet cubicles as they are exposed to humidity, bacteria, and heavy traffic. Greenlam Surdo’s kids-friendly toilet cubicle partitions are a perfect investment that delivers on all fronts. Our Kids toilet cubicles feature nylon polyamide, stainless steel, and aluminum hardware fittings. They are designed to perform outstandingly under high humidity and heavy use while being resistant to high temperatures, cleaning agents, and abrasion. When it comes to school public bathrooms, there’s no better choice.

In Conclusion

Greenlam Sturdo’s kids toilet cubicles are the perfect solution for kid-friendly school toilets that deliver on all fronts. You also get to choose from an assortment of hardware fittings including those that make the kids toilet cubicles accessible for the differently-abled. Discuss your requirements with experts at Greenlam Sturdo. Just call us at +91 11 4279 1399+91 11 49501400 or write us an email at

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