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How Do Dirty School Toilets Impact Student Health and Learning?

  • February 28, 2023
  • 6 Min Read

Children spend around one-third of their day in school, which is why the school administration must ensure that students have access to clean and hygienic toilets. Unfortunately, many schools pay little to no attention to the cleanliness of school toilets, which negatively impacts students’ health and learning ability. In fact, dirty school toilets are one of the major reasons for absenteeism in schools and a range of other issues.  Continuing the discussion, in this post, we discuss the effect of dirty school toilets on a student’s health and learning. 

Health Issues

Many students tend to avoid using the school restroom if they are dirty and unhygienic. This puts pressure on the bladder, leading to various health issues such as lower urinary tract dysfunction, which can cause lifelong issues. Similarly, avoiding the restroom is also one of the key reasons for gastrointestinal issues, such as chronic constipation among students. On the other hand, those who use dirty school toilets are exposed to the transmission of disease-causing germs and pathogens. 

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Learning Issues 

Unilever Plc, one of the world’s biggest multinational consumer goods companies, recently conducted a  four-country (India, UK, Poland and South Africa) survey to find out the impact of dirty bathrooms on students’ learning and health. In the study, it was found that nearly 1 in 5 students is unable to concentrate in school because of the physical discomfort they experience when they avoid going to the restroom. The survey also found that 1 in 10 students deliberately skipped food and water to avoid using a school restroom. Insufficient food and water intake also affects students’ learning abilities. 

Ways To Maintain Clean And Hygienic School Toilets

Go For A Dry Bathroom Design

One of the reasons school toilets are sometimes dirty and unhygienic is that they are not easy to clean and maintain, considering the heavy footfall they receive. Schools must, therefore, design their restrooms based on dry restroom style as they are much easier to clean and help prevent the accumulation of dust, dirt, debris, and other waste. 

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Install Toilet Solutions With Antimicrobial Properties

Installing urinal partitions and toilet cubicles with antimicrobial properties can help prevent the transmission of germs and other disease-causing pathogens. Greenlam bathroom dividers and urinal partitions, for instance, come with antimicrobial properties which help kill 99.99 percent germs and viruses they come in contact with. 

Ensure Adequate Ventilation

Lack of ventilation not only leads to a lingering foul smell because of stale air buildup, but it also leads to excess moisture, which, in turn, leads to mold growth. It is, therefore, important to ensure proper ventilation to allow ample flow of fresh air. Installing windows and exhaust fans in school bathrooms can help ensure adequate ventilation and a conducive environment. 

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