Here’s Why You Need Commercial Toilet Partitions

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Many factors come into play when building a reputation for your business. In addition to how you engage and interact with your clients, the quality of furnishing also reflects the quality of your business operations. And we are not talking about just the waiting area or the conference room. The design and hygiene of the restrooms are also equally important. To help you give your business a truly world-class appeal, Greenlam Sturdo offers a wide range of high-quality modular commercial toilet partitions made using superior quality high-pressure laminates with anti-bacterial properties. If you still have your doubts, we have listed a few compelling reasons why toilet partitions are a must-have for commercial restrooms. Read on.

Enhanced Privacy

Single-occupancy restrooms pose an inconvenience for families with children and elderly people who need assistance in the toilet. It is, therefore, important to equip your restrooms with toilet partitions, and have an open waiting area, especially if you regularly receive families in your premises. Examples of such businesses include restaurants, supermarkets, movie theaters, healthcare centers and other such establishments.

Cater to More Visitors

For establishments that receive a large number of visitors every day, having single-occupancy toilets is not only impractical, but also a costly affair. Moreover, making your clients or visitors stand in queue is one of the last things you would want as a business. In addition, if your toilets are occupied by visitors, then your employees will have to wait, which will eventually hamper productivity. Given the light of the reasons, it would be safe to say that toilet partitions are a must-have for various commercial setups.

Adapt for Specially Abled

As a business owner, it is your moral duty to be mindful of those with mobility issues, who visit your establishment. Single-occupancy toilets are not equipped with any special accessories for the convenience of specially-abled people. Customisable toilet partitions, on the other hand, allow you to design and construct separately accessible toilets in compliance with ADA requirements, for specially-abled visitors.

Improved Hygiene

Using a single restroom throughout an organization or settlement may not warranty perfect hygiene. In case of a single-stall washroom, even if one of the visitors makes a mess, the impact will be through the area. On the flipside, a multi-stall restroom with toilet partitions is easier to maintain and clean, especially if you use modular commercial toilet partitions with an antibacterial laminate coating such as the ones offered by Greenlam Sturdo.

Looking for Premium Quality Toilet Partitions?

Besides their practical benefits, toilet partitions can change the way your customers perceive your business. Whether you own a hotel, restaurant, retail business, educational center or a recreational business such as theater or fitness center, commercial toilet partitions will certainly be a value addition to your facility. Greenlam Sturdo offers an array of high-quality modular and commercial toilet partitions lined with compact laminates that have a 10 year warranty against any manufacturing or moisture related defects. To learn more our product range, simply call +91-11-4279-1399 or write to us at