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Essential Elements of Commercial Restroom Planning

  • August 22, 2019
  • 6 Min Read

There’s much more to designing and building a commercial restroom than there is to designing and building a residential bathroom. Additional space and accessibility are certainly at or near the top of the list. You must plan for the maximum number of expected users, of course. But when you begin to list the needed equipment and structures, including partitions and cubicles, you’ll have to take age and gender into consideration as well. Read on to learn more about water use, durability, disability access, building codes, and more.

Who, How Many

Number of users is obviously an essential element of commercial restroom design. As you work with the specialist suppliers in this industry (and you should) pay particular attention to numbers when you discuss restroom cubicles. This will be your guide to how many toilets, urinals, sinks, and hand-drying stations you’ll need.

Among the items on that list, the need for urinals (and accurate placement) must be considered. This is essential when planning for children and for men, a much different design than facilities for female users. Bring the experts into the discussion early, so that you have their guidance on another important factor – durability. The age and gender of your regular users will be of paramount importance here, and you’ll need to include this in your plans.

You’ll get long-term service from materials that are abrasion-resistant, easy to maintain, and exceptionally resistant to moisture and humidity. Be sure to discuss fire-safety regulations, accessibility, and available accessories/hardware in your planning meetings.

Dealing with Cost

There are really two parts to the “cost” idea when you’re purchasing and installing restroom cubicles, restroom accessories, handholds, and other items. There’s the initial cost, of course, which should always be considered an investment. In this case, better quality will always be the wise choice.

You must also take into account the operational costs, which will exist over a long period of time. You should consider the physical products already mentioned, of course. But you should also plan for lighting costs, electricity expenses, water use, and maintenance/repair. Using higher-quality products made with durable materials will go a long way toward keeping those long-term costs in control.

When discussing the subject, you might be tempted to look at three cost ranges – good, better, best. Naturally, going with “good enough” will keep initial costs low, but you’ll expend more time and money later due to lack of durability. You should also consider the range of colors and designs offered, elements that will make your public space more comfortable and inviting.


Once you’ve allowed for the cost of cubicles, handholds, and accessories in your plan, it’s best to immediately consider operating costs. Beyond the continuing costs of electrical power and water use, you’ll need to plan for the maintenance of the cubicles.

Sometimes, this maintenance/cleaning plan doesn’t give enough attention to the amount of foot traffic the area will experience. Be sure to include time and product cost for keeping floors clean. You’ll also want to devote some maintenance effort to keeping the air in the room as fresh as possible.

Mold can be an issue in large restroom areas, because of the mildew that often grows in the presence of moisture. Using high-quality products for your cubicle walls and doors can significantly reduce the mold threat. The material used to manufacture the panels is highly resistant to mold. Regular cleaning should allow you to present a clean, fresh restroom area.


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