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How To Choose The Right Bathroom Partitions For Your Establishment

  • May 27, 2020
  • 6 Min Read

No matter what type of establishment you own, bathrooms are a legal and practical must. Building and maintaining functional restrooms is important whether you run a large corporation, a restaurant or a school. Bathrooms shouldn’t simply be planned to meet basic requirements, though. Afterall, the state of your bathroom will have a direct impact on your establishment’s image, but also on the comfort and health of everyone who frequents it. This is especially true when it comes to bathroom stalls. Are you looking to design new restrooms? In today’s post we’ll help you figure out how to select the best toilet partitions for your facilities.

3 Things To Look For In Toilet Partitions

Design That Fits With The Rest Of Your Establishment

To create a cohesive look around your establishment, we suggest sticking to the same style and ambiance in all spaces. When comparing different toilet partition materials, choose one that offers a wide range of colors, shapes and designs. This way you can easily incorporate the style and color palette regularly used and create an harmonious look. With customized dividers, doors and connecting panels you can create a bathroom design that’s unique and attractive.

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There are many purchases you can make in which durability is not a big concern. Yet when it comes to any physical part of your establishment, durability is a major concern. Designing and installing brand new toilet partitions takes time and money. The longer materials used last, the better the investment. For this reason, we recommend you go for long-lasting laminate partitions for your bathroom. To boost durability, all Greenlam Sturdo toilet partitions are manufactured in accordance with ISO 2046 and built with nylon polyamide, stainless steel, and aluminum hardware fitting.

Easy Maintenance

Do you feel tempted to incorporate a wide variety of textures in your restrooms? Before you do, consider how high-maintenance materials might impact the time and money you devote to cleaning and caring for your restroom. There’s a good reason why at Greenlam Sturdo we work with resistant laminate toilet partitions. Not only are our partitions visually appealing, but they are also easy to clean and resistant to harsh sanitation products. Unlike other materials used in bathrooms, laminate possess antimicrobial properties in and on itself resulting in easy to maintain hygiene.

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Bottom Line

Want a sure method to select your restrooms’ new toilet partitions? Looking for bathroom stalls that meet the conditions above is an easy way to succeed. You’ll find bathroom partitions in India that meet and exceed all requirements at Greenlam Sturdo. Our wide selection of partitions are available in various sizes, shapes and colour hues, including designs suited for kids and disabled people. Contact us today to learn more about our toilet partitions. Call +91-11-4279-1399 or write to us at and we’ll help you find the best design to fit your needs!

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