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Answering 6 FAQ About Commercial Bathroom Partitions

  • June 19, 2019
  • 6 Min Read

Bathrooms partitions and cubicles represent a must-have feature in commercial restrooms. In fact, it would not be a wild leap of thoughts to say that almost every commercial restroom these days at least has a basic level of partitioning in the form of cubicles, shower enclosures, and so on. Besides enhancing the appeal of commercial restrooms, bathroom cubicles also improve the overall user experience, by enhancing hygiene and privacy. Continuing on the subject, we present six frequently asked questions about bathroom partitions in commercial restrooms.

1. What commercial value does partitioning bring?

By partitioning the restrooms in your commercial space, you are increasing the visual appeal of the space. It can also be low maintenance if you pick the right material for the partitioning. Bathroom cubicles and shower enclosures can also make your restroom look more organized and spacious.

2. Is there any ignored but important aspect about partitioning?

Colour is one of the most commonly ignored aspects of partitioning. During the installation of partitions, careful selection of colours is essential. We must pick colours that go well with the interiors of the restroom. Choosing complementary colours help in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the restroom.

3. What all to consider when purchasing and installing partitions?

Make sure that the partitions fit the restrooms precisely. Do not forget to match the styling of the bathroom. Look for the functionality you have in mind. Many commercial restrooms, for instance, have separate restroom facilities for handicapped personnel. You must pay attention to such details.

4. What choices are available in bathroom and shower cubicles?

There are several varieties of designs, colours, shapes and sizes in cubicles. Few commonly chosen shower cubicles come in, sliding and rectangle shaped cubicles.

5. Why should I choose cubicles over shower curtains?

Shower curtains might seem like an inexpensive and money-saving option, but what you pay for is what you get. Shower curtains are not as safe as shower cubicles. One of the biggest shortcomings of shower curtains is the risk of slip and fall. It is, therefore, important to have shower cubicles in commercial restrooms, to help ensure user safety.

6. Are there any visible challenges with partitions and cubicles?

Build up of moisture, bacteria growth, dents or scratches are some of the challenges associated with low quality partitions. Hygiene can be an issue only if you do not ensure regular cleaning and maintenance. Commercial restrooms must have regular cleaning shifts. In most cases, getting the partitions cleaned and using a disinfectant is good enough.

Wrap Up

If you are looking for bathroom partitions that are built to endure heavy usage and high moisture and humidity, look no further than Greenlam Sturdo.

Thanks to their tough, sturdy and unique composition, these bathroom shower cubicles, are ideal for Indian climatic conditions. Our bathroom partitions also have special handholds for seniors and the specially abled and we install the products within 24 hours! To learn more about our bathroom partitions and shower cubicles, simply SMS ‘GREENLAM’ to 53030.

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