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5 Ways to Improve School Toilets

  • October 17, 2022
  • 6 Min Read

Excellent school toilet design is the first step towards creating user-friendly, beautiful, safe, and hygienic school toilet facilities. After installing the best school toilet cubicles or kids toilet cubicles and other elements, a lot of efforts still needs to be directed towards maintenance, inculcating hygienic practices in the students, and supervision, among others.  In this blog, we focus on the different ways to improve school toilets. Let’s dig in.

Educate students about hygiene

It is important to educate and remind students about good bathroom hygiene and etiquette. Such education can be an integral part of the induction process and also feature as a periodic health and wellness campaign. 

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Ensure good air quality

You must make sure that school toilets have proper ventilation to stem the spread of diseases, bad odours, mould, and dampness in spaces such as school toilet cubicles. Apart from ventilation, you should also consider installing fans and air fresheners to promote good air quality.

Keep the toilets well-stocked

Make an effort to keep the school toilet facilities well-stocked, depending on the number of students that use the facilities. Availability of toilet supplies such as toilet paper, soap, hand towels, and sanitizer encourages and helps students adhere to good bathroom hygiene.

Let natural light in

Try to increase the amount of light that goes into the school toilet facilities. Copious amounts of natural light can be captured in school toilets by having more windows and glass doors in appropriate locations.

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Supervise the students

The layout of school toilet design in terms of elements such as school toilet cubicles should be such that it allows for some kind of supervision. This should be done in a way that strikes a delicate balance between the need for privacy by students and the need to combat vandalism, bullying, and other inappropriate behavior.  

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