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5 Highly Useful Tips for Locker Room Design

  • January 14, 2020
  • 6 Min Read

Locker rooms are an integral aspect of health clubs and athletic facilities. Be it relaxing after a tiring bout of physical activity or preparing for an intense exercise session, a well-designed locker room presents ample storage space and an atmosphere that allows people to rejuvenate and unwind. Designing a locker room that is both functional and aesthetically appealing helps improve the overall experience of users. Continuing on the subject, we present a list of five highly useful tips for locker room design. Take a look.

1. Lighting

Lighting is a critical aspect as it helps set the overall mood and ambience of any given interior space. Coming to locker rooms, it is recommended to provide lighting above lockers for improved accessibility and comfort. Consider installing indirect lights as they are more suitable for both gathering and circulation within a locker room. Dry vanity and wet vanity areas such as sinks can greatly benefit from side lighting as it allows users to apply make-up and shave effortlessly without having to worry about shadows on their faces.

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2. Showers

Wet areas of the locker room such as the shower cubicles require moisture-resistant flooring. For improved safety, install flooring materials that have a higher coefficient of friction to minimize the chances of slipping on the wet surfaces. All the materials installed in a wet facility of a locker room must be carefully considered and chosen for longevity of the showers. Ideally, prefer installing bathroom cubicles, bathroom partitions, toilet cubicles, and bathroom urinal dividers made from moisture-resistant materials such as compact laminates.

3. Circulation

The layout of a locker room plays an important role in determining the overall circulation of the facility. It is essential to enable members to freely move in and out of the locker room. Such a seamless circulation can be achieved by creating a central path wide enough for two people. Moreover, locker areas must be easily accessible and private at the same time. Ideally, placing wet and dry vanities in the centre of the layout promotes easy movement between the shower and dry areas.

4. Locker Material

Choosing a sturdy locker material that can withstand constant use, moisture, and wear is economically viable in the long-run. Choose superior-grade materials such as compact laminates that are resistant to humidity, are suitable for heavy-duty use, offer great dimensional stability, and are scratch and corrosion-resistant. Aesthetics and functionality play an equal role when it comes to choosing the locker material, so make it a point to pick materials that are available in a wide range of attractive colours and designs.

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5. Other Amenities

A dry vanity area for women to make-up and a wet vanity area for men to shave are the two basic features of a well-designed locker room. On top of this, you can also add other bells and whistles such as steam rooms, saunas, or whirlpools. While a few locker rooms also feature private massage rooms or tanning rooms, additional offerings such as these generally depend on your clientele and their requirements.

The Last Word

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