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4 Toilet Partition Designs from the Vibrance Series

  • November 24, 2020
  • 6 Min Read

Toilet partitions are one of the long-term investments for any commercial property owner. Greenlam Sturdo offers several premium quality designs starting from simple and rustic colors to bright solid-colored commercial toilet partitions that come complete with accessories. We offer different toilet cubicle design categories from which to choose, one of which is the Vibrance series. Let’s take a look at the four toilet cubicle designs available in Greenlam Sturdo’s Vibrance series.

1. Serene

The Vibrance Serene is the most simple yet unique design that brings durability to your commercial restrooms. It is designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the spaces and create a welcoming environment for users. The Serene cubicle is extremely easy to install and comes with all the necessary accessories such as Anodized Aluminium U/F Channels, Nylon Polyamide Coat Hooks, Aluminium Top Rail, Adjustable feet made from corrosion resistant nylon (Polyamide-6), gravity hinges, nylon coated door knobs, Polyamide Top Rail End Caps, and Door Stopper Channels made with aluminum. All the fittings of the toilet cubicle design are coated with nylon which makes them resistant to wear and tear and increases the lifespan of bathrooms.

2. Rage

Greenlam’s Vibrance Rage toilet cubicle features an elegant and exquisite design that significantly enhances the aesthetics of your commercial bathrooms. The bathroom cubicles have 12mm thick doors with chamfered edges. The partition also comes with various high quality fittings such as an Anodized Aluminium top rail and U/F Channel, doorknobs, coat hooks, gravity hinges, thumb turn & indicators, Polyamide top rail end caps, bottom pedestals, and Stopper Channels made with aluminium.

3. Elegance

Greenlam’s Vibrance Elegance toilet cubicle design is highly resistant to the wear and tear caused by heavy foot traffic, making it an ideal choice for places such as airports and hospitals. The bathroom cubicles can transform the appeal to your restroom spaces and add a touch of sophistication to the simple design. They feature anodized aluminum circular pole construction which gives them excellent strength while helping break the monotony owing to single color use. They also have an aluminium top rail, U/F Channel; nylon-coated gravity hinges; polyamide coat hooks, thumb turn & indicators, adjustable feet, and top rail end caps.

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4. Splendid

The Vibrance Splendid design is an ideal choice if you wish to give a unique and distinctive look to your commercial bathrooms. The design works well for renovation projects as you can take advantage of intermediate brick walls that are already in place. The partitions represent a fusion of style and stability and come with a wide range of fittings and accessories such as aluminum D-Post Channels; nylon polyamide doorknobs, coat hooks, adaptors, thumb turns & indicators, and gravity hinges. All these fitting utilities help the partitions to be durable and sustainable for a longer period. The toilet cubicle design enhances the aesthetics, hygiene, and utility of your commercial bathrooms.

Last Word

Browse through available toilet partition and bathroom cubicle designs from Greenlam Sturdo to find one that matches your requirements. We offer premium commercial cubicle partition designs that meet international quality standards and boast many quality certifications. To discuss your requirement or know more about toilet cubicle prices in India, call +91 11 4279 1399 or email us at and we will take it from there.

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