4 Tips To Protect School Toilets from Acts of Vandalism

School toilet cubicles design from Greenlam Sturdo

School toilet vandalism is perhaps one of the biggest challenges that school authorities have to deal with. This not only compels school authorities to spend their time and resources on fixing the vandalized toilets, but also causes major inconveniences to the other students. Having defaced school toilets also mars the reputation of the school. If you are facing a similar problem, help is at hand, as this post lists some crucial steps you can take to prevent students from vandalizing school toilets.

1. Install Anti-Graffiti Toilet Solutions

School toilet cubicles, walls, and urinals are some of the worst affected when it comes to acts of vandalism, as students tend to spray paint and scribble on them. The best way to mitigate the problem is to install anti-graffiti school toilet cubicles and urinals that are also resistant to scratching. Greenlam’s anti-graffiti toilet solutions, for instance, are infused with thermosetting resins that make them resistant to spray-painting and other acts of vandalism.

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2. Ensure Ample Surveillance

While it’s not advisable to install CCTV cameras inside the students’ toilets, they can be installed at the entrances. Make sure to conduct routine inspections or deploy a full-time cleaner to ensure ample surveillance and discourage students from carrying out acts of vandalism.

3. Go for a Labyrinth Entrance

Usually, doors are installed on toilets to provide users with privacy. However, installing doors can also lead to increased incidents of vandalism as it offers more secrecy. It is, therefore, sometimes wise to go for a labyrinth entrance, a unique design strategy that uses a turning hallway instead of doors, thereby eliminating the secrecy element while still providing privacy.

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4. Take Strict Action Against Vandals

While punishing students should be the last resort to tackle acts of vandalism, you shouldn’t shy away from taking strict action if there is change in behavior despite several warnings. Taking strict action will also allow you to set an example in front of other students, which helps prevent or reduce any such incidents in the future.

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