4 Tips to Design Highly Functional Restaurant Restrooms

HPL panels for toilet by Greenlam Sturdo

Restrooms are of utmost importance in any restaurant. If you want to promote good hygiene and give your patrons a great time visiting your establishment, you need to focus on your bathrooms. According to various studies, a majority of customers associate the hygiene in a restaurant restroom with that of its kitchen. Creating a restroom that is clean, free of any foul smell, and has an inviting ambience can make a positive impact on your business. Read on as we discuss points to consider to design a highly functional and hygienic restaurant restroom.

1. Go for Dry Restroom Systems

Wet restroom systems are a thing of the past as they are expensive and very difficult to maintain. Most commercial establishments prefer dry restroom systems as they are easy to clean and maintain. Unlike wet restroom systems that are made from brick and mortar, dry restroom systems use partition panels that are only 12 to 18 mm thick, which gives economy of space as compared to a 150mm thick brick wall. Additionally, the partitions in a dry restroom system are installed at a height from the floor making it easy to clean and prevent accumulation of dust and moisture. Greenlam Sturdo offers highly functional dry restroom systems that are easy to install and available in a variety of designs, colors, and patterns.

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2. Choose Materials Wisely

The materials you use for bathroom construction have an impact on hygiene. It is recommended to use materials that are highly durable and easy to clean. HPL panels are highly durable and resistant to moisture and stains. This makes them an ideal choice for commercial restrooms. Greenlam Sturdo offers HPL toilet partitions and cubicles that are aesthetically appealing and highly durable. They also come with antimicrobial properties that prevent growth of any microbes on the surface, keeping the ambience of the restroom hygienic and free from odors.

3. Focus on Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation is very critical for any restroom design. It is important that there is ample flow of fresh air through the restroom to avoid any pungent smell and development of microbes. Open the windows of the restroom from time to time. If there is a ventilation fan, turn it on to improve the flow of air. Dry restroom systems offered by Greenlam Sturdo are designed to promote proper air ventilation keeping them smell-free and hygienic.

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4. Keep Compliance in Focus

As with any commercial establishment, restaurants also need to comply with safety norms and standards. When choosing materials for your restroom, check for certifications to make sure that the material is tested for quality and complies with safety standards. Reputable manufacturers such as Greenlam Sturdo use HPL panels that are duly tested and have all the necessary certifications for safety.

Wrap Up

Greenlam Sturdo is a leading manufacturer of commercial bathroom solutions offering a wide range of design options with a promise of unmatched quality. Our anti-bacterial toilet partitions and cubicles help attain the optimum level of hygiene in infection-prone areas such as restrooms. They can retard and kill up to 99.99% bacteria that come in contact with its surfaces, making it safe for anyone to touch. To learn more about available restroom solutions, connect with our experts. Call +91 11 4279 1399, +91 11-4950 1499, or fill out our contact form. You can also email info@greenlam.com.