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4 School Restrooms Hygiene Tips to Follow

  • October 29, 2020
  • 6 Min Read

There are a number of factors that contribute to maintaining pleasant and hygienic school restrooms. Some of them include the type and quality of facilities available in the washrooms, number of cubicle partitions and washbasins, availability of the appropriate cubicle partition panel sizes for all age groups, and most importantly, the sanitation practices inculcated in the students and staff. Stellar school restroom hygiene practices can help boost school attendance rates and promote a positive learning environment by reducing the chances of spreading infectious diseases. In this blog post, we discuss four important school restroom hygiene tips to follow. Read on!

1. Educate Students About Good Hygiene Habits

One of the most efficient ways to ensure hygienic school restrooms is by teaching the children about good restroom hygiene. This can be done through initiatives such as putting up some visuals and fun posters in the restroom walls indicating habits such as washing hands after using the toilet, throwing napkins in the dustbin after wiping your nose, and keeping the walls free from graffiti. The posters should be located around the entrance so that users are exposed to all the good restroom habits before stepping in.

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2. Make Sanitation Kits Available in the Restrooms

School restrooms should always be equipped with hand sanitizers, soap dispensers, hand dryers, dustbins, toilet-seat sanitizers, air fresheners, and other deep cleaning supplies. A proper supply of sanitation kits can help ensure a safe and healthy environment in the school. It significantly decreases the chances of the development and spread of infectious diseases among students.

3. Install No-touch Accessories and Hardware

To further reduce the chances of disease outbreaks, it is important to stem cross-contamination. This can be done by minimizing instances of common contact points such as washroom sinks and taps which can act as a hub of bacteria and germs while accelerating the spread among students and staff. Some of the accessories and hardware to consider include infrared sensor taps, automatic soap-dispensers, self-closing cubicle partition doors, automatic flush, and no-touch hand dryers.

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4. Choose Easy-to-Clean Cubicle Partition Designs

School restrooms should have cubicle partitions that can be easily cleaned everyday. Avoid using designs that have excessive tiling and impractical colours which can hide dirt. Greenlam Sturdo offers easy-to-clean conventional cubicle designs that are resistant to chemicals and wear and tear and require low maintenance on a daily basis. Our cubicle partition panels are designed to render a classy look to school restrooms while providing unmatched utility.

Wrap Up

Given the large number of students, teachers, and staff, schools can easily be a hub of infectious diseases if not sanitized and cleaned properly. It is therefore important to emphasize healthy habits and get the school restroom hygiene right. Greenlam Sturdo keeps all these factors in mind when manufacturing our popular kids-friendly cubicle partitions. Our restroom cubicle designs are simple, easy-to-clean, and create a welcoming environment for students. To know more about available cubicle partition panels, call +91 11 4279 1399 or +91 11-4950 1499, or email us at

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