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4 Reasons Why Modular Bathrooms are Gaining Popularity over Conventional Bathrooms

  • November 16, 2022
  • 6 Min Read

Over the years, modular bathrooms, also known as prefabricated bathrooms, have gained immense popularity among project owners and developers. Modular bathrooms made with sturdy bathroom wall panels are not only hygienic and easy to maintain, but are also highly cost-effective and efficient, compared to conventional bathroom designs. If you are looking for the best public bathroom solution for your upcoming project, this article is for you. Read on as we share four reasons why you must consider modular bathrooms over conventional bathrooms for public spaces. 

Minimal On-site Work 

In the traditional RCC construction method, you usually require many workers and heavy machinery to get the job done on-site, not to mention additional special personnel to operate heavy construction machines. In contrast, when it comes to prefab bathroom solutions made with premium quality bathroom separators, you require minimal on-site work for installation, as everything is built off-site. This, in turn, also means less construction time compared to conventional brick and mortar bathrooms.

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High Durability 

While traditionally constructed public bathrooms are susceptible to daily wear and tear and bacterial growth due to high moisture content and heavy footfall, modular bathrooms, on the other hand, are sturdy and highly durable as they are formulated by using superior quality high-pressure quality laminates. Having said that, keep in mind that the bathroom panels used in bathroom cubicles are of antibacterial grade. 

Easy Customization  

Unlike conventional bathrooms, modular bathrooms are easily customizable. Whether you are taking up a new bathroom construction project or planning to redesign the existing one, you will always find a variety of designs and colour options suiting your requirements. Given the popularity of modular bathrooms, the market is swamped with a variety of bathroom wall panels available in various attractive designs, shapes, sizes, colour hues, and configuration options that make modular bathrooms easily customizable. You can also go for designer-cut bathroom cubicles for unmatched aesthetic appeal. 

Reduced On-site Material Wastage 

In traditional bathroom construction projects, everything is made from scratch on-site, which means the project leaves a trail of waste material. In the case of modular bathrooms, however, as everything is pre-fabricated off-site under professional supervision adhering to international quality standards. The only work that has to be done on-site is the installation of prefab bathroom cubicles.   

About Greenlam Sturdo 

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