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4 Reasons to Use Greenlam Sturdo Restroom Solutions for Schools

  • December 10, 2021
  • 6 Min Read

Restrooms are an integral part of school facilities. To ensure good health and comfort of children, a school restroom should be well-designed, sufficiently accommodating and neatly maintained. Despite proper maintenance, kids toilets are susceptible to disease-causing pathogens. Choosing sturdy, hygienic and long lasting kids toilet cubicles for schools goes a long way in stemming the proliferation of germs and bacteria, keeping users safe. Greenlam’s Sturdo brand offers a range of aesthetically superior, hygienic, user-friendly, and durable toilet solutions for schools and other institutional establishments. Let’s take a look at some of the compelling reasons to use Greenlam Sturdo Restroom solutions for schools.

They are Tough

School restroom cubicles receive huge traffic on a daily basis. Restroom cubicles have to withstand a lot of beating and constant use which may lead to heavy wear. In addition, school restrooms are usually the subject of vandalism such as scratching and graffiti. Greenlam Industries’ school toilet partitions are well-equipped to withstand such a battering. The thermosetting resin infused in the laminates makes them resistant to scratches and other acts of vandalism. The high-quality compact laminates that are used to make the toilet partitions are also in strict adherence to the international standards and fire safety norms.

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They Boast Antibacterial Properties

As mentioned earlier, despite regular cleaning and maintenance, kids’ restroom cubicles are prone to the growth of disease-causing microbes that are a big hazard to children’s health. Greenlam Sturdo offers restroom solutions that have antibacterial properties as a result of permanently incorporating a US-EPA-approved antimicrobial agent during manufacture. It works continuously to eliminate any pathogens that come in contact with the surface and prevent their colonization keeping restrooms safe and hygienic.

They Create a Welcoming Environment

Greenlam Sturdo offers restroom cubicles for kids in lively and colorful designs to appeal to the artistic and playful side of kids. Unique models such as Kiddies WorldCrazy Balls, and Picket Fence create a washroom environment that is imaginative and artful for kids while providing all the spaces and other necessary requirements for supervisory care. Along with kid-friendly designs, the restroom cubicles provide ample privacy and come complete with user-friendly locking systems.

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They are Easy to maintain

The dry washroom systems offered by Greenlam’s Sturdo brand are hygienic and easy to maintain. Due to antibacterial properties, there is no growth of mildew or any other microbes on the cubicles preventing any type of stains or odors in the restrooms.

Wrap Up

While offering extended durability, a variety of designs and high performance, the restroom solutions offered by Greenlam Sturdo also boast a reduced carbon footprint and affordability. To learn more about available restroom solutions for schools such as kids toilet cubicles, call +91 11-4279-1399 or email

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