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4 Reasons Why Dry Bathroom Stalls Don’t Reach The Floor

  • May 27, 2022
  • 6 Min Read

Public restroom design has come a long way. Every element has gone through major transformation whether we talk about bathroom stalls, urinary partitions, shower cubicles, or storage lockers. Bathroom stalls used to reach the floor on all four sides (wet restroom style), but today, a gap is always maintained between the floor and the bathroom stall dividers (Dry restroom style). There are many reasons behind this shift in design, which is why Greenlam Sturdo offers a modular bathroom stall with a dry restroom design. In this blog, we take a closer look at four notable reasons why dry bathroom stalls don’t reach the floor.

1. Easy Cleaning for Improved Hygiene

The gap at the bottom of a bathroom stall allows maintenance workers to clean the entire restroom in one go. They can powerwash or hose down the entire floor as the gaps at the bottom will allow water to reach the whole floor. The absence of gaps would require every stall to be cleaned individually and have separate drainage provisions to pass the water. The absence of corners also  means that there is no accumulation of dust.

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2. Improved Air Flow

Public restrooms are different from private restrooms as they are used by multiple individuals during the day. It is easy for the spaces to accumulate unpleasant odors if there is no free movement of air. The gap at the bottom of the bathroom stall allows better air circulation, making the restroom facilities more welcoming and comfortable.

3. Health and Safety of the User

If someone experiences a health emergency while using the washroom, it can take hours to notice in the case of a wet restroom system. The gap at the bottom of the bathroom stalls in a dry system makes it easy for other people to notice when someone is in distress, allowing them to take action to help.

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4. Deter Dubious Behavior

People are notorious for using public washrooms for dubious activities like drawing graffiti, taking drugs, and a range of other unwelcome activities. The gap at the bottom of dry bathroom stalls deters such  activities as it is easy for other users to notice untoward behavior.

The dry design also reduces the load of the building when compared to brick walls and also promotes more efficient use of available floor space.

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