4 Key Considerations for School Toilet Cubicles To Ensure Longevity

School toilet cubicles in India from Greenlam Sturdo

School toilet cubicles should be chosen after careful considerations. This is because school toilet facilities take quite a beating from heavy use to downright vandalism. A lot is also expected in the way of utility, privacy, safety, and ease of maintenance.  In this blog, we have mentioned four essential considerations you must keep in mind when choosing school toilet cubicles that last for a long period.

1. Design

Design is an important consideration when choosing toilet cubicles that meet the needs of different age groups. To make nursery and primary grade kids comfortable in school toilets, it helps to install bright colored and fun patterned cubicles. This will mitigate the fear of being alone, which is a common issue when it comes to young students. On the other hand, teenagers prefer a subtle color scheme and specially designed patterns that match their vibe. Greenlam Sturdo offers the Kids Collection that features modular solutions specially designed for infants, toddlers, and kids’ restrooms. We also have three other collections to choose from for older students going up to university level.

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2. Safety

Safety works differently for nursery kids and teenage students. You would want to make primary school cubicles easily accessible during emergencies to ensure the necessary supervisory care. Greenlam sturdo school toilet cubicles feature emergency opening provisions that allow schools to quickly open them in the event of an emergency. Bullying is a more prominent issue among teenagers, which makes robust locks that can not easily be vandalized or opened a necessity.

3. Cleaning Requirements

School toilets must be the subject of high cleanliness standards and should be properly maintained at all times. Cleaning alone will not always protect the students from germs and bacteria, which is why school toilet cubicles from manufacturers like Greenlam Sturdo come with antibacterial and antiviral properties. Compact laminate toilet cubicles, bathroom panels are hygienic, scratch resistant, and easy to maintain. Being easy to clean is a very important consideration and so is resistance to cleaning agents.

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4. Quality of Hardware

Door knobs and hinges used in the design of school cubicle partitions should be safe, beautiful, and highly durable. They should be free from sharp edges as students may get injured when using school toilet facilities. The right school toilet cubicles should feature hardware that is designed with high performance and durability in mind. Greenlam Sturdo school toilet cubicles, partitions come with hardware fittings that are made from high quality imported materials. They feature SS Grade 304 and SS Grade 316 stainless steel known for corrosion resistance, excellent performance at sub-zero temperatures, and great welding and forming characteristics.

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