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4 Health Club Design Mistakes to Avoid

  • February 19, 0202
  • 6 Min Read

Health clubs are an important facility that helps provide motivation, instruction, companionship, and equipment for people to boost their mental and physical well-being. In such a case, designing a practical, user-friendly, and aesthetically appealing premises can help project a positive impression and boost the clientele of the health club facility. While there are a plethora of tips and techniques to assist in the design of a stellar health club, it is important to be aware of the common pitfalls of which to steer clear. Continuing on the subject, we present a simple list of four health club design mistakes to avoid. Take a look.

1. Lack of Free Space

When designing a truly accessible and workout-friendly space, the simple adage of ‘less is more’ can go a long way. Most health club facilities tend to fill-up the entire floor with a myriad of fitness equipment and leave little to no free space. With functional fitness becoming a trend, it is essential to leave enough free space to accommodate functional training.

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2. Poor Lighting Choices

Lighting is one of the key design aspects when it comes to a health club facility as it helps improve overall safety, influences how your customers feel about themselves, and also plays a major role in the electricity costs. It is essential to make sure that the weight-lifting area is well-lit. Generally speaking, white LED lights are extremely durable and offer excellent lighting without driving the electricity costs through the roof.

3. Low-Quality Lockers

Locker rooms witness a great amount of footfall in any given health club facility. Most typical health club facilities host hundreds of members, making it essential to install high-quality, tough, and long-lasting locker solutions. It is advisable to avoid installing generic metal lockers but opt for premium locker solutions with attributes such as moisture resistance, environmental-friendliness, and easy installation.

4. Substandard Restroom Solutions

Any wet area in a health club facility must be considered a long-term investment. While you can always install generic and reasonably priced showerheads or faucets, it is highly recommended to invest in sturdy countertops, toilet partitions, and bathroom cubicles. Look for modern and lasting toilet partition materials such as compact laminates for excellent moisture resistance, longevity, aesthetic appeal, and low-maintenance.

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The Final Word

Greenlam Sturdo offers a wide range of restroom and locker solutions made from high-quality compact laminates that come in countless colour and design options and offer excellent moisture resistance, supreme durability, and stunning aesthetic appeal. Manufactured in strict adherence to international fire safety norms, our range of restroom solutions come with high wear and abrasion resistance, easy maintenance, and protection against harmful germs as well as cleaning agents. To know more about our range of modular toilet partitions, bathroom cubicles, and locker solutions, fill out our contact form or simply call +91-11-4279-1399 and we will take it from there.

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