4 Compelling Reasons to Choose a Dry Restroom System

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Commercial spaces such as retail outlets and multiplexes tend to experience heavy traffic and footfall on a regular basis, because of which it is essential to have a restroom that is not only well-designed but is also easy to maintain. That is where a dry restroom system shines. Made from modern materials, dry restroom systems are generally less expensive to set up than typical brick wall, wet restroom systems. Greenlam Sturdo brings to you an extensive collection of dry restroom solutions including bathroom partitions, cubicles, and urinal dividers at great prices with a comprehensive warranty. Continuing on the subject, in this blog post, we share a list of four compelling reasons to choose the dry restroom system. Read on.

1. Dry System Occupies Less Space

Bathroom partition panels and dividers in dry restroom solutions generally occupy much lesser space than traditional brick walls of the wet restroom system. With a thickness of partition panels and dividers ranging between 12 mm to 18 mm, you can easily accommodate more urinals and toilets in a given area when opting for a dry restroom system.

2. Dry System Can Be Installed Quickly

Dry restroom system largely consists of restroom solutions such as bathroom partitions, cubicles, and dividers made from materials such as HPL. These hpl panels are not only light but also easy to install. You can, for instance, set up four cubicles in a single day when it comes to dry restroom systems.

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3. Dry System is Easy to Clean

Dry restroom system minimises the scope of moisture and accumulation of dirt. What’s more, you also don’t have corners in a dry restroom system, because of which dirt cannot accumulate in hard-to-reach areas. Cleaning and maintenance, as a result, becomes hassle-free and less intensive when compared to a wet restroom system.

4. Dry System Places Less Load on the Structure

Wet restroom systems generally involve 150mm divider and partition walls, which generally place a significant load on the overall structure of your commercial property. Choosing dry restroom solutions, on the other hand, place next to no significant load on your structure.

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Wrap Up

The dry restroom system, on the whole, saves you space as well as the overall installation and maintenance costs, making it a truly value-for-money solution for a number of commercial properties. Greenlam Sturdo offers a wide range of HPL bathroom partitions, panel dividers, cubicles, and modular bathroom partitions in a number of colour and design options. If you have any questions about our range of dry restroom solutions or wish to discuss your requirements, call +91 11 4279 1399 or +91 11-4950 1499. You can also write to us at info@greenlam.com and we will take it from there.