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3 Things to Consider While Choosing Restroom Partitions for Schools

  • December 13, 2019
  • 6 Min Read

Restrooms are one of the most important and integral aspects of school facilities. A well-designed, sufficiently accommodating, and a neatly maintained washroom can keep the growth and spread of harmful germs at bay. From ensuring children’s good health to comfort, a clean restroom is a necessity. Despite regular cleaning and maintenance, school toilet partitions are prone to high-traffic, making them susceptible to accelerated wear and disease-causing pathogens. Choosing sturdy, long lasting, and superior quality kids restroom cubicles for schools is a must. Greenlam Sturdo is a one-stop destination for tough, aesthetic, hygienic and easy to maintain restroom solutions for schools and other commercial establishments. Continuing on the subject, we present a simple list of three things to consider when choosing restroom partitions for schools. Read on.

1. Pick Durable Materials that Last

Kids restroom cubicles experience high-traffic on a daily basis. Most children utilise restrooms during their recess breaks, resulting in a heavy traffic. School toilet partitions must be able to withstand a lot of beating, constant usage, and heavy wear. Greenlam Sturdo’s school toilet partitions are made from high-quality compact laminates that are manufactured in strict adherence to international standards and fire safety norms. They are well equipped to deal with heavy wear and high traffic, resulting in kids restroom cubicles that last incredibly longer.

2. Consider Restroom Elements

Generally speaking, most school restrooms tend to be wet on a constant basis, which can be problematic in the long run. Constant humidity dampens the inner core material of most generic restroom cubicle materials, resulting in the build-up of mold and foul odour. In the end, the situation causes respiratory problems among children. To steer clear of such trouble, it is wise to invest in a kids toilet cubicle that offers exceptional resistance against water and humidity, and immunity from harmful germs. Greenlam Sturdo’s kids toilet partitions made from compact laminate come with excellent moisture and abrasion resistance, making them a highly suitable and effective material for restroom partitions.

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3. Think about Maintenance and Sanitation

Regular maintenance and sanitation are important aspects to consider when zeroing in on the right material for school toilet partitions. As mentioned previously, some materials are prone to mold build-up, inviting a myriad of problems such as frequent replacement, high maintenance, and decreased sanitation and hygiene in the restroom. It is advisable to look for restroom partitions that are resistant against germs, cleaning agents, and water for easy maintenance. Greenlam Sturdo’s compact laminate restroom partitions are truly low maintenance and offer excellent resistance to germs and moisture.

The Final Word

While picking sturdy, high performance, and aesthetically appealing restroom partitions and cubicles is necessary, long-term sustainability must also be taken into consideration. Purchasing eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable products comes with a plethora of advantages including affordability and a reduced carbon footprint. Greenlam Sturdo offers superior-grade kids toilet cubicles and partitions that are manufactured with high-quality compact laminates which are Greenguard certified, owing to their sustainability and eco-friendly production. Available in an array of exciting colours, explore our range of aesthetically appealing and highly functional kids restroom cubicles for schools. To learn more about our products, write to us at or simply call +91 11-4279-1399.

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