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3 Reasons Why Your Office Needs a Clean Restroom

  • November 21, 2019
  • 6 Min Read

A clean and hygienic restroom translates into good health and well-being of employees, customers, and clients. In high-traffic commercial spaces such as offices and workplaces, a well-sanitised toilet can go a long way. The latest workplace studies have revealed that most offices around the world are lagging behind in terms of the number of bathroom partitions, cubicles, as well as sanitary practices. It was also found that poorly maintained restrooms lead to a host of illnesses, dragging down the overall productivity of the workplace, leading to a long-term loss of revenue. To further highlight the importance of restroom hygiene, we present a list of three reasons why your office needs a clean restroom. Read on.

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1. Clean and Hygienic Restrooms Prevent the Growth and Spread of Germs

A clean restroom is one of the most underrated productivity tools; research by the Center for Economics and Business revealed that poor office hygiene resulted in a revenue loss of $11.4 billion annually, as the average worker took at least 1.6 sick days per year. Poorly sanitised restrooms can be a breeding ground for germs and may pass on dangerous illnesses such as salmonella, E.coli, and influenza. Investing in modern restroom solutions such as bathroom partitions offered by Greenlam Sturdo with special features such as resistance against harmful germs can help control the growth and spread of germs in the office restrooms and other premises.

2. A Spotless Restroom is a Good Reflection of your Brand Quality

In any commercial establishment, be it a workplace or a multiplex, the look and feel of a restroom is a clear reflection of the establishment’s quality and attention to detail. Sufficiently accommodating, well-designed, and hygienic restrooms speak highly of your brand, elevate its perception, and improves overall customer satisfaction. Moreover, clean and sanitary washrooms can also help retain employees for longer periods. Studies have revealed that at least two out of every five employees wish for cleaner washrooms than what they currently use. Upgrading to high-performance toilet cubicles that are low maintenance and resistant to abrasion and wear can help create a lasting impact on the employees, customers, and clients alike.

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3. Cleaner Restrooms Lead to Better Air Quality and Prolonged Lifespan of Fixtures

Clean restrooms can help avoid unpleasant odours and promote better air quality within the office premises. It is advisable to place handy reminders detailing basic restroom etiquette to help promote the cleanliness and hygiene of the restroom. One can find a range of downloadable bathroom cubicle posters with eye-catchy messages. Prior maintenance and cleaning efforts can help maintain bathroom partitions, fixtures, and other furniture for a longer period. Moreover, injuries and accidents such as slip-ups can be prevented by keeping the restrooms dry, clean and uncluttered. Greenlam Sturdo’s range of toilet cubicles and bathroom partitions come with exceptional resistance against humidity and water, and are also easy to maintain, resulting in bathroom solutions that last longer while improving the overall safety and hygiene of the office premises.

Wrap Up

While timely maintenance can help keep restrooms clean, investing in the latest restroom solutions proven to offer necessary features such as high resistance to water and humidity, easy maintenance, immunity against germs and harsh cleaning agents can make cleaning and sanitization a breeze. Greenlam Sturdo’s range of restroom solutions comes in an array of colours and offer a plethora of features, allowing you to create a restroom space that is both aesthetically appealing and resistant to germs. Leverage the exciting range of bathroom cubicles, partitions, and shower cubicles from Greenlam Sturdo to improve the overall quality of your office premises. To discuss your requirements or to learn more about any of our products, write to us at or simply call +91-11-4279-1399.

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