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3 Reasons Why You Should Opt For HPL Bathroom Panels

  • June 15, 2021
  • 6 Min Read

There are several factors to consider when choosing a design for your commercial bathroom. The considerations include available floor space, anticipated traffic, materials used and design of the bathroom panels, as well as maintenance and hygiene. HPL bathroom panels score highly when it comes to material considerations for a number of compelling reasons. Most property owners, designers, and architects opt for the panels due to factors such as their stunning looks, longevity, and easy-to-maintain surface. Let’s explore some notable reasons why you should opt for HPL bathroom panels for your commercial restroom.

1. Great Aesthetics

Based on the desired theme and nature of establishment, there are a number of panel designs from which you can choose. HPL bathroom panels are available in myriad color tones and designs that are great for schools, offices, industrial spaces, gyms, and a host of other restroom spaces. Greenlam Sturdo offers premium quality bathroom panels that come complete with some of the best-in-class international accessories to complete the functionality and look. You can also get designer cut bathroom panels and an exclusive raw silk finish depending on your requirements.

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2. Easy To Maintain

HPL bathroom wall panels are exceedingly hygienic and easy to maintain. They are resistant to cigarette burns, harmful gems, cleaning agents, and gifted with exceptional water, humidity, and high temperature resistance. They also boast high wear and abrasion resistance. All these qualities come together to present a tough material that can stand up to all the typical maintenance issues when it comes to non-HPL bathroom panels. They last for a very long time, require little by way of maintenance, and work to stop the spread of disease-causing pathogens.

3. Get a Dry Restroom System

There are many advantages that you stand to enjoy when you opt for a dry restroom system as opposed to a wet system. They include:

  • Economy of space (partitions are only 12 or 18 mm thick as opposed to 150 mm thick brick walls)
  • Economy of load (HPL bathroom partitions reduce the load of the restroom on the building)
  • Reduced installation time (Up to 4 cubicles can be set up in a day when using HPL bathroom panels)
  • The absence of wet work makes everything neat
  • They allow for designs that present proper ventilation access
  • Cleaning the floor becomes much easier


With the changing world, interior decors are also changing. And when you are keeping everything in your house top-notch, then why leave the bathroom behind. Check out our range of bathroom panels and find the perfect fit for your individual bathroom requirements. You can contact us on the below mentioned email and phone number for any other query on our panel series. Call +91 11 4279 1399 , +91 11 49501400 or email us at

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