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2021 Bathroom Cubicle Trends for Your Schools

  • April 21, 2021
  • 6 Min Read

The quality and condition of school toilet facilities speak volumes, not only about the sanitation and health protocols but the safety of students as well. No matter how many hours you spend putting on a professional look for parents, as soon as they step into dirty and ugly bathroom cubicles, the facade instantly disappears. It is, therefore, important to install and maintain school bathrooms. Greenlam’s Sturdo brand offers an extensive range of bathroom cubicles specially designed for schools. This blog explores some 2021 bathroom cubicle trends that you must know to keep your toilet facilities welcoming and clean. Read on!

Creative Use of Colors

Gone are the days when bathroom facilities in schools were grey, dark, and dull. Modern bathrooms for kids are designed with vibrant and stunning colors that add liveliness to the atmosphere. To make the bathrooms welcoming and joyful, bright colors, including yellow, purple, orange and blue and cubicle partitions, are popular as they offer an aesthetically pleasing effect. You can also opt for bold colors in combination with a broad spectrum of laminate patterns and designs to display an inviting and bright atmosphere for students. Fun and engaging prints ensure kids feel fresh and relaxed while using washrooms.

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Ingenious Kid-Friendly Designs

To add a dash of liveliness and color to your school toilets, you can choose bathroom cubicles that feature ingenious designs that are synonymous with childhood along with vibrant and classy laminate colors that add informality and warmth to kids restroomsGreenlam Strudo offers some stunning bathroom partition designs that bring an exclusive look to school toilet facilities along with a high life-expectancy. Some of the available design options are:

Picket Fence

Greenlam’s bathroom cubicles under picket fence category bring you a world of vibrant and colorful fences scattered with other icons and forms, creating a fun and laughter zone for children. To ensure that the vibrancy and fun never ends, the bathroom panels & cubicles are accessorised with stainless steel door knobs, coat hooks, gravity hinges, U-channels, thumbs turn lockset indicators, MS-base plate, SS-shoe box plate, wall and screw plugs, and noise deafening tape. All the accessories ensure sturdiness of the cubicles. Check out our Picket Fence collection today.

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Kiddie World

Kiddle World bathroom cubicles offer a colorful, safe, lively, sturdy restroom atmosphere for kids. Designed to stimulate the artistic side of children, the toilet partitions come with unique shapes and a vivid use of colors to inculcate strokes of creativity on their minds. The toilet cubicles come complete with stainless steel hardware and accessories including gravity hinges, door knobs, coat hooks, and thumb turn lockset indicators. To add extra toughness, they are attached with U-channels, MS base plate, SS-shoe box plate, screws, wall plugs, and rubber noise deafening tape. Check out our Kiddie World collection of bathroom cubicles today.

Crazy Balls

Games always excite kids and to maintain that excitement, crazy ball cubicles are designed with a bowling pin theme to offer joyful times to the kids while they use restrooms. The cubicle partitions are also supported by stainless steel along with U-channels, MS-base plate, SS-shoe box plate, and screws which adds sturdiness to the bathroom divider walls, ensuring the fun never ends. Browse through available options in our Crazy Balls collection today.

Wrap Up

Bathroom cubicles come with a variety of design and color choices which are designed to create a playful and creatively stimulating atmosphere for kids. It is also important to make sure that bathroom partitions are durable and promote good hygiene. Greenlam Sturdo’s premium-quality bathroom cubicle designs help you create ideal and durable toilet facilities for your school. Contact us for more information at +91-11-4279-1399 or write to us at

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