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5 Features to Look for When Selecting School Toilet Cubicles

School Toilet Cubicles in India from Greenlam Sturdo

Kids spend the majority of their time at school. It is important to ensure that they’re surrounded by a safe and secure environment. Much like any other space in educational facilities, restrooms experience high traffic in short bursts of time on an everyday basis. Restrooms are also often a breeding ground for bacteria and infections, making it necessary that you maintain good sanitary standards and keep them hygienic at all times. This is precisely why we need to be careful about school toilet design and choosing the right kind of restroom cubicles and partitions. Continuing on the subject, in this…

Choosing the Right Wall Panels for Commercial Bathrooms

Bathroom Panels in India from Greenlam Sturdo

Choosing the right bathroom wall panels is essential for more reasons than one, especially if we talk about high-traffic establishments such as schools, offices, hotels, and malls. Wall panels for restrooms not only address privacy requirements but also provide resistance to moisture and help maintain hygiene. When looking for bathroom panels, it is important to ensure that they are both durable and appealing. Continuing on the topic, in this blog post, we present key tips to choose the right wall panel for commercial bathrooms. Take a look. 1. Choice of Material It is important to choose bathroom panels made of…