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2020 Bathroom Cubicle Trends For Your Business

  • December 25, 2019
  • 6 Min Read

Your toilet facilities speak volumes about your business. You can spend hours putting on a professional look for your clients, but as soon as they step into your ugly bathroom facilities, the facade instantly disappears. The same dedication and effort that goes into perfecting lounge areas, meeting rooms and the reception should also go into your bathrooms. This blog explores some 2020 bathroom trends that you must know.

Get Your Bathrooms In Shape NOW!

It is important that you don’t let your bathrooms deteriorate or look aged. This year is the perfect time to renew the look of your facilities and improve your business establishment’s image. Incorporating modern finishes and the latest styles will make your washrooms comfortable and appealing for all your visitors.

Take A Look At These Bathroom Cubicle Trends And Get Inspired

Stylish Accessories

Gone are the days of boring and industrial-look hardware. There’s a lot more to bathroom design than plain stainless steel. Incorporating fun alternatives allows you to add warmth and style to any type of bathroom or toilet cubicles. Think brass, copper or even matte black finishes on your hardware for the ultimate modern look.

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The Organic Look of Wood

Get your bathrooms in top shape by incorporating realistic wood tones. Toilet cubicle partitions can be made from great and hygienic materials that realistically mimic the look of wood. This allows you to create a sophisticated design while prioritizing easy cleaning and sanitation. There’s no better way to balance aesthetics and function.

Targeting your client pool

Are you working with polished businessmen? Or do you provide services or products aimed at kids? No matter what you do, your ideal bathroom should target your ideal client. This will help you come up with a decor theme to incorporate in your bathroom cubicles. Small toilets and colorful partitions make bathrooms friendly for children. on the other hand, matte finishes and metallic touches are ideal to create the sober look serious business dealings deserve.

Other features you should look for in bathroom cubicle materials:


Avoid exposing your clients and employees to harmful microorganisms. Using anti-bacterial grade bathroom cubicle partitions will keep your bathrooms as clean as possible. Additionally, you should choose finishes and hardware that is hygienic, and easy to clean and maintain.


There’s nothing worse than a business that doesn’t keep the physically disabled in mind. Today, there are no longer any excuses to tolerate a lack of inclusivity. Make sure you build large enough toilet cubicles for the less abled. Incorporate other solutions that’ll make the experience as smooth as possible for all users. not only is this the ethical thing to do, but it prevents you from alienating a large portion of potential buyers.


After investing in renovating your bathroom facilities the last thing you want to do is having to replace or repair damaged parts. The key to preventing this from happening is choosing high-quality durable materials in the first place. Choose bathroom cubicles that are engineered to last!

Greenlam Sturdo’s Bathroom Cubicles

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