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2020 Bathroom Cubicle Trends For Your Business

Bathroom cubicles for Public Restroom in India from Greenlam Sturdo

Your toilet facilities speak volumes about your business. You can spend hours putting on a professional look for your clients, but as soon as they step into your ugly bathroom facilities, the facade instantly disappears. The same dedication and effort that goes into perfecting lounge areas, meeting rooms and the reception should also go into your bathrooms. This blog explores some 2020 bathroom trends that you must know. Get Your Bathrooms In Shape NOW! It is important that you don’t let your bathrooms deteriorate or look aged. This year is the perfect time to renew the look of your facilities…

3 Things to Consider While Choosing Restroom Partitions for Schools

Kids Toilet Cubicle and Partition in India from Greenlam Sturdo

Restrooms are one of the most important and integral aspects of school facilities. A well-designed, sufficiently accommodating, and a neatly maintained washroom can keep the growth and spread of harmful germs at bay. From ensuring children’s good health to comfort, a clean restroom is a necessity. Despite regular cleaning and maintenance, school toilet partitions are prone to high-traffic, making them susceptible to accelerated wear and disease-causing pathogens. Choosing sturdy, long lasting, and superior quality kids restroom cubicles for schools is a must. Greenlam Sturdo is a one-stop destination for tough, aesthetic, hygienic and easy to maintain restroom solutions for schools…