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Deliver Privacy and Function with a Great Commercial Bathroom Design

Commercial Bathroom Partitions Design from Greenlam Sturdo

When planning commercial restroom facilities, you need to include both style and function in your design. At one time, commercial bathrooms were, in some settings, entirely utilitarian. Other locations, such as theaters and high-end hotels, provided basic function but also delivered a feeling of taste and style. You can achieve the same with careful choice of bathroom partitions, even in public places such as hospitals, malls, and airports. Your time and effort at the start can make a real difference when the restroom area has higher quality in design and appearance. On that note, we present to you some of…

Answering 6 FAQ About Commercial Bathroom Partitions

Bathrooms Partitions and Cubicles in India from Greenlam Sturdo

Bathrooms partitions and cubicles represent a must-have feature in commercial restrooms. In fact, it would not be a wild leap of thoughts to say that almost every commercial restroom these days at least has a basic level of partitioning in the form of cubicles, shower enclosures, and so on. Besides enhancing the appeal of commercial restrooms, bathroom cubicles also improve the overall user experience, by enhancing hygiene and privacy. Continuing on the subject, we present six frequently asked questions about bathroom partitions in commercial restrooms. 1. What commercial value does partitioning bring? By partitioning the restrooms in your commercial space,…