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Wet or Dry Restroom Systems: Which Option is Better?

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When designing or renovating a commercial restroom, one of the first steps is selecting the type of restroom system to be used. A restroom system defines the basic design and materials used in constructing a commercial restroom. Broadly classifying, there are two types of commercial restroom systems: wet and dry, that greatly differ in terms of features, space, maintenance, and price. To help you choose the right restroom system for you commercial restroom, in this blog, we cover the basics of wet and dry restroom systems. Read on. Wet Restroom Systems Comprising brick walls and tiles, along with the needed…

3 Tips to Keep Commercial Restrooms Odour-Free

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Smelly restrooms can be a nightmare, especially when we talk about commercial restrooms. Periodically cleaning commercial restrooms is extremely important to ensure a hygienic environment and avoid foul odors. From bathroom cubicles to floors, every inch of a commercial restroom needs to be cleaned to avoid foul odors, and the risk of infections and bacterial growth. Continuing on the subject, in this blog, we cover four tips to keep commercial restrooms odor-free. Take a look. 1. Clean Thoroughly Everyday Cleaning commercial restrooms are key to an odorless, hygienic environment. Restroom leaks are the most common ways a commercial restroom can…