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10 Reasons to Go for Toilet Cubicles from Greenlam Sturdo

  • November 12, 2019
  • 6 Min Read

A recent study on consumer behaviour revealed that restrooms play an important role in the overall retail experience. From restaurants, hotels, and healthcare facilities to gas stations, and car dealerships, a hygienic, comfortable, and aesthetically appealing restroom helps attract more customers. Installing aesthetically-pleasing, easy-to-maintain, and high-quality toilet cubicles and restroom partitions is a must. If you’re on the lookout for superior quality restroom solutions such as toilet cubicles, modular toilet partitions, and locker room solutions, your search ends at Greenlam Sturdo. Continuing on the subject, we present a comprehensive list of 10 reasons to go for toilet cubicles from Greenlam Sturdo. Read on.

1. Hygienic and Easy to Maintain

Greenlam Sturdo’s range of restroom solutions is made from high-quality materials, making them resistant to harmful germs and cleaning agents, while promoting easy cleaning and maintenance.

2. Noise Deafening System

Restroom cubicles often suffer from “door banging” noises, which bring down the overall experience and comfort in a commercial restroom. Greenlam Sturdo’s “noise deafening system” helps suppress such noises, resulting in a pleasant restroom experience for customers, clients, and employees alike.

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3. High Wear and Abrasion Resistance

Toilet cubicles and partitions offered by Greenlam Sturdo are made from superior grade high-pressure laminates, giving them special properties such as high wear and abrasion resistance.

4. Germ-Free Antibacterial Property

Restrooms are a breeding ground for disease causing germs and microbes. Greenlam Sturdo’s restroom solutions are manufactured with a US-EPA approved antimicrobial agent, resulting in restroom cubicles and partitions that ensure exceptional hygiene and sanitation.

5. Best in Class International Accessories

Greenlam Sturdo’s restroom solutions come in a complete package as the toilet cubicles and partitions are accompanied by the best in class international accessories such as nylon polyamide, stainless steel, and aluminum hardware fittings.

6. Exceptional Water and High-Temperature Resistance

Restrooms tend to witness a high incidence of moisture, humidity, and temperature changes. Greenlam Sturdo’s range of restroom solutions features exceptional water, humidity, and high-temperature resistance, resulting in sturdy and long-lasting toilet cubicles and partitions.

7. Adherence to Fire Safety Norms

The restroom solutions offered by Greenlam Sturdo follow strict adherence to several international fire safety norms and are backed by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 Certification for world-class quality.

8. High-Quality Compact Laminates

Greenlam Sturdo’s toilet cubicles and partitions are manufactured using high-pressure, self-supporting decorative compact laminates, leading to affordable, aesthetically pleasing restroom solutions with superior moisture, abrasion and humidity resistance.

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9. Emergency Opening Provisions

Equipped with emergency opening provisions, Greenlam Sturdo’s restroom cubicles offer an extra ounce of security and safety in the event of any accidents in the restroom.

10. Wide Spectrum of Colours

Greenlam Sturdo’s toilet cubicles and restroom partitions are available in a wide spectrum of colours and designs. This allows you to find one that suits your decor, branding, and style requirements.

Bottom Line

Greenlam Sturdo’s range of restroom solutions is a class apart. The dry restroom systems give you easy installation, ease of maintenance, a plethora of colour choices, longevity, and cost efficiency. Available in various sizes, shapes, and colour hues, all our restroom cubicles and modular toilet partitions are manufactured in strict accordance with international standards. To discuss your requirements or to know more about our products, get in touch with us by writing to us at or simply call +91-11-4279-1399 and we will take it from there.

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