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Greenlam Industries

Greenlam Industries stays ahead of the curve with cutting-edge workmanship and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. We believe in walking the talk and that’s why our claims for producing world-class premium restroom and locker solutions are backed by several international certifications.

Sustainability takes the center stage for us at Greenlam. It’s an overarching part of our philosophy. We are passionately committed to building eco-friendly and sustainable toilet cubicle partition solutions for various industries. The testimony of our commitment is the GREENGUARD certificate, which we received in recognition of our environmentally friendly actions

As a leading manufacturer of surfacing products in Asia, quality is more than just a priority for us, it’s a prerequisite.

Greenlam Sturdo

With our Greenlam toilet partitions, you can create an unprecedented style
statement across a range of solutions.

  • Restroom Cubicles
  • Locker Solutions
  • Shower Solutions
  • Changing Room Solutions
  • Backwall Paneling
  • Altura Series (Complementary Products)
restroom dividers


Anti-Virus, Anti-Bacterial compact laminates.
Hygienic and easy to maintain
Equipped with emergency opening provisions
Noise deafening system to avoid disturbing sounds
Designed to provide better durability and performance
Exceptional water, humidity, and high temperature resistance.
Decreases overall building load
Water-free installation
Resistant to cigarette burns
Hardware Fittings available in Zinc Nylon Polyamide, Stainless Steel and Aluminium.
High-wear and abrasion resistant
Manufactured in strict adherence
to accepted fire safety norms
Flexibility of design and spaces

Wet & Dry Systems

A wet restroom system is a standard way of setting up a restroom. It is made of brick walls, tiles, and the required hardware. One of the major drawbacks of a wet restroom setup is that the partition walls and doors are placed on the floor. This makes it more prone to water, dust, dirt, and stain settlements which can leave behind a pungent smell. On the contrary, a dry restroom is equipped with a modern design, and the entire setup is quite reasonable. The main advantage of having this system is the economy of space, and usage of 12mm or 18mm thick partitions and doors, in comparison to 150mm brick walls. There is always a gap maintained between the ground and the partition to avoid dust, dirt, and a pungent smell.

Why Prefer A Dry Restroom System?

  • Economy of space

    Our Greenlam toilet partition panels are only 12mm or 18mm thick as compared to a 150mm thick brick wall
  • Economy of load

    Partitioning systems tend to reduce the load on the building as compared to a brick wall
  • Reduced installation time

    A total of 4 cubicles can be easily set up in a day
  • Neatness

    Since no wet work is involved, it becomes easier to maintain the tidiness of the restroom space
  • Proper air ventilation access is provided in the designs
  • Easy floor cleaning

    Absence of corners prevents dust accumulation on the floor
  • Vibrant range

    You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns