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Wet V/S Dry Restroom System

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Wet restroom system is the conventional way of setting up a restroom. It generally comprises of a structure made from brick walls and tiles coupled with the required hardwares. One of the major drawbacks of a wet restroom setup is that the partition walls and doors are placed on the floor hence it becomes more prone to water, dust, dirt and stain settlements which leaves a pungent smell. In case of dry restroom, it's equipped with modern designing and is a reasonably priced setup. The main advantage of having this system is-economy of space, usage of 12mm / 18mm thick partitions and doors incomparison to 150mm brick walls. There is always a gap maintained between the ground and the partition to avoid dust, dirt and pungent smell.

Why prefer a dry restroom system?

Greenlam Sturdo stays class apart due to its usage of dry restroom system. An analysis to support the following is mentioned below:

  • Cleaning of floor becomes difficult
  • Dirt and stains easily settle down on the bottom because of its porous surface
  • Tile designs can go out of production making its replacement difficult
  • Since the grout joints are porous they can easily absorb pungent smell
  • Loss of space-Usage of 6' x 6" thick walls result in loss of 3 sq.ft area per partition
  • Load of building is high
  • No means of natural ventilation is provided
  • Economy of space-The partition panels are only 12mm or 18mm thick as compared to 150mm thick brick wall
  • Economy of load-Partitioning systems reduces the load on building as compared to the usage of brick wall
  • Reduced installation time-4 cubicles can be setup in a day
  • Neatness-Since no wet work is involved
  • Proper air ventilation access is provided in the designs
  • Easy floor cleaning-Absence of corners doesn't let the dust to accumulate on the floor
  • Vibrant range-Available in different colours and patterns