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3D view of Toilet cubicles and bathroom partitions | Greenlam Sturdo


Restroom panels and partitions are an important part of any public restroom space. Thus, Greenlam Sturdo brings an exclusive range of restroom partitions in different designs and styles. These panels provide the most comfortable experience in any restroom. Whether you need a portable restroom, modular restroom or a designer restroom, our range of restroom cubicle collection caters to all.

These cubicles have been categorized under the series named Classique. What differentiates this series from that of others is that it comes with an eternal classiness of stainless steel and aluminum hardware to give an ideal combination of innovation with durability. Thus, the Classique series is specially formulated to meet various design needs and can be further classified by:

  • Different hardware fittings like the standard adjustable foot, shoe box or top rail arrangements.
  • Combination of different materials used such as aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Thickness of Compact Laminate 12mm / 18mm.

Classique series is suitable for all types of commercial restrooms. They have been specially designed to provide greatest comfort in any premise. Now give your restrooms an admiring look with an extraordinary range available in four unique styles - Evergreen, Invincible, Grandeur and Versatile.