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Give your space an extra edge with Greenlam Sturdo

Highlight your commercial space, take it to the next level, and make an impact with our premium range of locker room and toilet cubicle partition solutions. Give your space the edge it needs.

Restroom Cubicles

Make a striking first impression with our sophisticated range of restroom cubicle solutions. Our collection of high-quality divider panels, doors and connecting panels promise to add that unique touch of elegance to your space. Trust our fashionable and contemporary bathroom partitions designs for the same.

locker system

Locker Solutions

Durable. Luxurious. Environment-friendly. That’s our new-generation locker systems for you. Select from numerous nifty, ultra-modern storage solutions that flaunt easy-to-use designs, can withstand high humidity, and have a unique anti-bacterial property.

bathroom partition design


Once you step in, you won’t want to step out! The precise edges and fine cuts of our shower room solutions add versatility to your space and promise to take the bathing experience to a refreshing new level.  

commercial partition design

Changing Room Solutions

Finesse that will leave you in awe of these timeless designs. Engineered for the best architectural capabilities and designed for minimalistic yet chic looks, our changing room solutions are here to make things as exclusive and secure as possible for you.

backwall partitions

Backwall Paneling

Ease of maintenance and installation, compiled with the presence of unmatched and unrivalled aesthetics, are the constants when it comes to the Backwall Access Panels of our WC cistern walls and urinal back walls. They complement the designs and prove economical over time.

restroom stalls

Altura Series (Complementary Products)

Add some versatility, comfort, and safety to your restrooms with our Altura range of products- benches, stand-on platforms, urinal privacy dividers, vanities and more. 



Impeccable solutions
for every industry

As Asia’s leading manufacturer of laminates and compacts, we have been delivering effective, solution-led products to various industries through our comprehensive range of offerings, which include modular toilet partitions restroom Solutions, locker solutions, shower cubicle solutions, and more.

Hospitality centers handle multitudes of people every single day. Our solutions make a stunning first impression while also staying focused on convenience, sanitation, and safety. We will help you deliver an unparalleled experience for your customer’s recreational escape!


Add a streak of sophistication and class to your organization’s interiors with minimalistic, chic, efficient restroom solutions. Our cubicles and designs are made with the best toilet partition materials and designed with the comfort of your employees in mind. Create a workspace that feels like a second home.


Public transit stations see the highest density of footfall on a day-to-day basis. This puts hygiene at the top of their priority list. Our toilet cubicle partitions are designed with sanitation, comfort, and frequent usage at the forefront, so you’re equipped to deal with heavy commuter traffic effectively.


We know that aesthetic vibes please the eyes. This is especially true when it comes to school and college goers. Our range of colorful, theme-based modular toilet partitions​ and cubicles will keep that twinkle in their eyes.​​


We know that safety, accessibility, and infection prevention take greater precedence in hospital restrooms. Keeping this in mind, our restrooms ensure sanitation, safety, and convenience, while giving the patient and caregiver enough space to move around comfortably. 



You Dream
We Design

Tailor your requirements with the help of our visualizer. Choose from a variety of shades and designs and decide on one that best suits your business objectives.

bathroom cubicles india


Color Offerings

Colours speak volumes about an organization’s personality. With an expansive range of colors to choose from, our bathroom partition designs and other solutions sleekly fit in with your business identity.
Whether it’s quirky and energetic with popping yellows and reds or svelte and sophisticated with minimal, muted shades of grey and white, or bold and somber with the enigmatic hues of brown, bring out your individuality with us.


  • 111 SUD
    Designer White

  • 113 SUD
    Frosty White

  • 116 SUD
    Pearly white

  • 121 SUD

  • 124 SUD
    Mysore Ivory

  • 133 SUD
    Moon Stone

  • 134 SUD
    Mud Ash 

  • 137 SUD

  • 138 SUD

  • 141 SUD




Why is Greenlam Sturdo the leading name in restroom space management?
Well, it’s our innovative, effective, and efficient products and services that include an array of bathroom partition designs and a lot more. But you don’t have to take our word for it. See for yourself.
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About us

Delivering superlative quality

Greenlam Sturdo stays ahead of the curve with cutting-edge workmanship and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. We believe in walking the talk and that’s why our claims for producing world-class premium restroom and locker solutions are backed by our ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certifications.
Sustainability takes the center-stage for us at Greenlam. It’s an overarching part of our philosophy. We are passionately committed to building eco-friendly and sustainable toilet cubicle partition solutions for various industries. The testimony of our commitment is the GREENGUARD certificate, which we received in recognition of our environmentally friendly actions.
As a leading manufacturer of surfacing products in Asia, quality is more than just a priority for us, it’s a prerequisite.


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